Sunday, 5 October 2014

Squats, we meet again.

Having (hopefully temporarily) given up personal training for several months, it occurred to me that I need to do some resistance based workouts to supplement the runs and swimming.  So, feeling in a "no time like the present" sort of mood, I dug out the Sunday Telegraph supplement workouts which I was following earlier in the spring and quite enjoying.  I had forgotten that I had given weeks 1 and 2 to my pal Natalie on the basis that I would not need to be going backwards *hollow laugh*

So, I picked up weeks 3 and 4 and waded straight in.  The recommended warm up was in Weeks 1 and 2 (natch) so I cobbled one together confident that it would do the trick,  "What can possibly go wrong"??

Straight in to a lower body workout consisting of 4 reps of 10 (each leg) knee raise squats, dynamic lunges, hip raises and burpees.


It hurt.  A lot.

In fact it still hurts.  A lot. The squats in particular have ruined me.  Both thighs are solid concrete from groin to knee making going up hill or stairs sore but going downhill or downstairs absolute purgatory.  And this is now Day 3!!

So, while I'm pleased that I made myself do a workout, it has been a bit counter productive as I have hardly been able to move since! Hey ho

In SW news I had a pesky stay-the-same this week.  Irritating at this early stage but perhaps not unexpected given that I was away golfing for the weekend with a group of 16 blokes.  As well as golf, this involved a silly number of shots of sambucca or rum for imagined infringements of random "rules";  MANY pints while watching the last day of the Ryder Cup (pure heaven); a curry; and a hotel breakfast on a hangover.  On balance, an STS was no bad thing!

Next week will be better.  I have held off the booze over the weekend and am determined to run or swim and do another (more moderate) workout.  That first half stone off will be mine!!


Peridot said...

Ouch! Wishing you a pain free return to incline and decline! And given where you live, there must be a lot of pain at the moment!


Seren said...

Ugh, squats. But yay, Lesley for taking them on! I think an STS is a pretty good result in the circumstances and am sure that you'll have got those scales moving again this week.