Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Thwarted by Gonzalo

Well, I'm assuming that there was some excuse for my delayed train which prevented me from getting to my weigh in....

Hey ho, I will go to another class in Rotherham on Thursday instead which might help me see a drop!!  Every cloud has a silver lining I suppose.

So, to assuage my disappointment at not being able to be weighed and sit around chatting about how hard I'm finding it to locate some discipline, here are some pretty pictures from the weekend before last with my lovely niecelet and her boyfriend.  Mary is my second niece and I haven't seen her much recently as she's been hard at work on her thesis down in Swansea.  But they've handed them in now so they're enjoying a short break before the job hunting began.

It was great having them up here. They love dogs and are very outdoorsy- perfect!!  We had 2 long walks on the Saturday and Sunday in stunning autumnal (almost summery) weather and then, when they left on Monday morning, the rain started.  Brilliant timing for a change.

The pics below are of our Saturday walk around Stanage Edge.

It's quite easy to get a posey photo of Minty but I do like this one.

It is NOT easy to get a decent photo of Shelagh however.  The minute you raise the camera to your face she turns away.  I had to be VERY quick with this one but it was worth it!!


Seren said...

Awww, yours girls look gorgeous!

Hope you managed to get to another class.


Isabelle said...

So lovely.

I always laugh at your pictures of your beautiful dogs which, I must admit, look identical to me. Just like I'm sure our two black cats (when we still had two) looked exactly the same to everyone apart from us, who noticed that Cassie's ears were much more pointed than Sirius's - and so on.