Monday, 20 October 2014

Stuck. Floundering. Doing nowt.

My last 3 weigh ins have yielded a half lb gain!  So, in the last 5 weeks I have dropped 4.5 lbs.  NOT stellar.

I seem to manage a few days following my plan and then relax thus undoing any good work.  I can't seem to get it into my head that I can't just ignore the fact that I'm dieting because I'm out.  Any old excuse is good enough for me at the moment.  Darts and dominoes? Quiz? Football?  All apparently perfect excuses for a few sandwiches.... or some chips.... or a couple of slices of pizza.... or wine, beer or whatever else is on offer and all totally surplus to requirements.....sigh.....

Usually when I'm dieting I acquire some discipline and the ability to say 'no thanks' at least for a few weeks. So where are those qualities now??  For a few days they make an appearance and then desert me.  Grrrrr

I've done better with exercise and have actually been out running 2 days in a row!  It is getting easier too.  Hopefully it will lead me to greater discipline on the eating front but I see no signs today  I've wanted to do is trough. While I haven't given into great naughtiness, I have eaten stuff I don't need just for the sake of it.  Double-Grrrr

We're off dancing tonight though and I have a virtuous stew ready for the oven.

My mini target is for tomorrow (weigh in day):  Sensible breakfast, a run along the canal side followed by homemade leek and potato soup for lunch and hopefully I may scrape some weight off in the evening.

Wish me luck peeps and some back bone too!!

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Seren said...

So you're averaging just under a pound a week AND enjoying a social life? That's amazing, you should be proud! You're obviously doing enough in the good periods to more than counter the not so good (diet wise). Good for you!