Tuesday, 23 September 2014

So, Slimming World.....

I've just been to my week 2 weigh in and recorded a second 2.5lb drop.  So a total of 5 lbs in all. Unspectacular given how heavy I am and how, if had followed the regime properly, I could have dropped that and more in the first week but, hey, 5lbs is 5lbs.

And I'm almost back down to my last starting weight - oh for God's sake, I'm getting heavier.  But you can only start where you are now, not where you were several months or even years ago (how good would that be??) so that is my reality.

I have been battling a cough/cold too and still managing to do some exercise so all is not lost..   Today has been a nice day though.  I took a day off and headed over to my parents' place near Lincoln for the day.  I took the dogs and we drove with the car roof down and made a stop in Newark to buy a Two Together railcard for me and Rich for our upcoming trips to Manchester and London.

Then to Mum and Dad's which was bathed in glorious sunshine.  Dad was all excited when I arrived as he'd just seen the 2 Lancasters and 4 Spitfires and Hurricanes flying over his house!  He was sad that I had missed it but Rich and I had already seen them over Ladybower Reservoir on Sunday so it was no problem.

I had big plans for the day - was going to start clearing Mum's bedroom and getting surplus clothes together for charity (again) but it was just too nice. The dogs spent the whole day pootling round the garden and Mum, Dad and I just chatted and watched the gardener scything down weeds.  How lazy but how wonderful.

The gardener has been a real find for Dad - he's been coming for 6 or so weeks now and nearly all the beds are cleared and tidy.  Now there are huge gaps so we're getting excited about a re-planting programme.  I think I've persuaded Dad to hire a designer to draw up a proper planting plan.  Seeing as we're virtually starting from scratch in some places a really good design for the beds would be fabbie. (Then I can steal it for mine!!)

I did eventually get off my backside to cook a scrummy lunch for the 3 of us.  Dad likes to be cooked for as he gets bored of his own cooking so I always make an effort even if I don't really fancy pork chops and roasties on a Tuesday lunchtime(just before SW weigh in!).

To counteract the pork chops and roasties, I took the dogs for a short run and then off we went - to SW for a rapid weigh in and then home, not stopping for class - yay!  I normally do but it's nice to have a good excuse to weigh and run (dogs in car)

Tomorrow is going to be another nice day (I hope).  I'm working from home in the morning and then we're off to Manchester for the Capital One cup tie against Manchester City.  Boozing with the lads - double yay!!

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Isabelle said...

I think 5lbs is great. Well done. And you've got such a pretty, happy face.