Saturday, 21 June 2014

Sunny Lincolnshire

It's lovely here and I've just taken the dogs out for an hour along the Edge (see pics below). Despite that, I'm feeling a bit blue. Don't know why. Can't put my finger on it.

Rich is preoccupied with golf and taking me for granted somewhat but nothing nasty and I know he'll put that right soon enough. Usually I shrug these phases off and nag him a bit but this time I just seem to be making a meal of things.

Possibly because I feel fat?? I don't know but it could be. I don't feel that awful inadequacy I used to feel before I adjusted my thinking following the chimp programme (and following ditching Diarmuid and meeting Rich who loves me for me and who doesn't undermine me for sport!). But it could be some vestige of that thinking. Everything a little bit gloomier/harder when I'm fat....

So, all the more reason to get rid of the fat. I want a kickstart and think I'm going to do a 6 week programme of my own devising starting Monday. With weigh-ins published weekly. It's going to be based on that "Six Weeks to OMG" with lots of swimming and diet based on SW.

Go me!!


Seren said...

It is so lovely to "see" you - you've been very much missed!

Hopefully the clouds will pass very soon and in the meantime, a six week weight loss kick start sounds brilliant. I won't wish you luck because I'm pretty sure you won't need it.


Isabelle said...

Well... good for you for feeling determined, but really - you're not fat! You're lovely. But you need to feel it too.