Tuesday, 24 June 2014

New Start (again!)

I stood on the scales yesterday morning and was dismayed to discover that I have indeed gained even more weight than I had thought.  OMG  16.7.4


Every time I think of that number I am dismayed(okay hacked off) and start the fat maths...you know...I weighed this much then, or that is X more than I was was then.....

Double Gah!

So, I'm just not going to go there.  It is destructive and doesn't serve any purpose.  Instead, I'm going to make sure that this initiative sticks as I CANNOT see me getting any heavier.

It's been 2 days (nearly) so far and it's going okay. I ate well yesterday apart from one extra rogue piece of toast before dancing which I didn't really need.  Dancing was energetic and I took the dogs for a Brucie Bonus late night walk afterwards as well.  Too bad that when I stepped on the scales this morning it was to see a new and unwelcome high of 16.8.7.  Sigh.....

I tried to use it as motivation and have not turned to food for comfort but it has been a close run thing.  I've been thwarted on the exercise front too.  I drove to the swimming pool at lunchtime to find it "closed due to unforeseen circumstances".  Ah well, I took the dogs for a longer, hillier walk instead and planned to play golf this evening when I would otherwise have been walking them.  Sadly I have been unable to find a partner so I'm stuck at home not watching the football. Booooo!!

These things happen and the trick is not to eat to fill the void.  Rich is out all evening so I'm on my own foodwise which does make it easier.  Beans on toast or jacket potato with beans beckons (I'm in the mood for beans for some reason!).

Tomorrow should be okay.  I'm golfing in the morning, then working from home then meeting my friend Kerry for a walk.  She recently lost her beautiful mother to complications of cancer, far too young at 71 and earlier than the cancer should have taken her too which seems particularly cruel.  They knew she didn't have years ahead of her but to die of a blood clot with little warning, stealing her from them even sooner seems harsh although it might have saved her a more painful end I suppose.  It will certainly put my petty concerns about my weight into stark relief.

I'm going to have a crack at sorting my holiday photos out now so watch out for Malaysia, coming soon to a blog near you!  It was stunning.  Sweaty and humid but lovely.

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Seren said...

You're absolutely right - diet maths never serves any purpose. I have the utmost confidence in you that you CAN do this and that those numbers on the scales will soon be a distant memory.