Winter in Bradwell

Winter  in Bradwell

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A woman with a plan

I have a plan, I'm implementing it and I'm beginning to feel happier about life. I hate that brief time before any new initiative when I feel out of control and as if everything is getting on top of me so having a plan to stick to is much better.

I think my blues were caused by several little things all landing at the same time. Rich being distracted and inattentive culminating in a grumpy argument about dancing; covering for not one but 2 sick colleagues; not spending much time together so not being able to get back on an even keel; being thwarted in plans to go out with pals so feeling a bit isolated; TOTM; and feeling fat making me less resilient than usual. To be honest we still haven't spent any time together but I hope tonight and through the weekend we will put that right.

In the meantime, I always feel happier when I'm active, outdoors and eating properly. So lots of golf, dog walking, elderflower picking, swimming and gardening has really helped.

Salads are back, baby and booze is temporarily banished. (I suppose I should thank the England football team for removing that temptation from me but I'm not ready to forgive them their abject display just yet.)

I was talking to a woman at golf about bootcamp too and she mentioned a 6 week programme which sounded tempting so that is in the offing too. Watch this space!


caroline said...

baby and booze?

caroline said...

baby and booze?