Saturday, 28 June 2014

Need to implement the plan!!

It's all very well to have a plan and I feel much happier with it but the thing with plans is that you have to actually follow them!  So, presently I'm 'almost' implementing.  I'm much better than I have been but have not eliminated the office freebie chocolates, the odd piece of toast when I'm hungry or the odd couple of glasses of wine.  Hmmm

Exercise is getting there.  I've bought a season ticket at the local open air swimming pool which is gorgeous.  Having bought the season ticket a bit late, I'm going to have to go at least 2 preferably 3 times each week to get my money's worth.  So far so good - I've been 4 times and twice early morning on my way to work.  Go me!!

Even better news is that I managed to make myself go out for a run this morning.  I was planning on swimming but that would have necessitated driving round the valley quite a bit as I was due to pick Rich's mum up to go shopping afterwards.  Much easier to just head out for half an hour round the fields.  Well, logistically easier, it certainly wasn't physically easier!  It is a measure of how heavy I am and feel how hard it was today.  Previously this has been my quick, easy run when I don't have much time.  Today it was much harder and took a full 5 minutes longer than it used to.  Eeeek.  But I did it and that is the good news.

So, my first weigh in is looming and I'm hoping for a drop of some sort.  It is having some effect in that it is discouraging me from saying yes to food or wine out of sheer fear so long may that last.  All journeys have to start with the first step so that is what I'm taking on this new trip.

This weekend is looking like being a quiet one with nothing really planned.  We're about to take the dogs out and I've got my last inter-club golf match tomorrow but quiet.  Next weekend is the annoying one.  You know you get those days or weekends when everyone invites you to do things on the same day well next weekend is THAT weekend.  We've been asked to night out with old school friends of mine on the Friday night, then a golf day down at The Belfry on Saturday followed by what would have been a great party on Saturday night to celebrate the Tour de France being in our area and then events to go and see the Tour itself.  But ALL of those clash with the fact that we had arranged to go over to my parents' with Rich's dad and stepmum to go to the Waddington Airshow.   Any other weekend we would have been jumping at any of those invitation and sadly we've had to turn them all down.  All I can say is it had better not rain in Waddington!!

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Peridot said...

An outdoors swimming pool? In the North of England? Gulp. Lady, you are made of very stern stuff indeed!