Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Super Saturday!!

 So, here we are, we've just arrived at Stratford and got through security (didn't take long and was very friendly) and we're about to enter the Olympic Park!!

Orbit.  The jury's out on this but I loved it.  I think the park needs a focal point and something which will form an attraction in years to come.

The Olympic stadium - we're getting v excited now with only 2 hours to go!!

Flag's out...check...


Admire lovely wildflowers....check...

Enter the stadium and find our brilliant seats.  We realise that we're sitting right at the end of the longjump pit and it is the mens' longjump final - bonus!

While we wait, we watch the volunteers setting up the hurdles.  It was a military operation, they actually marched in step and waited for orders to pick them up off the truck, take them to the marks and then even to put them down!

We soaked up the atmosphere and took some photos.  This family weren't quite Union Jack-ed enough as, after I took this picture, she applied sparkly cheek transfers onto her husband and father!
I was jealous, I wanted a sparkly face transfer!!

I love this picture of Rich and me.

Dai Greene in the first race of the evening - the mens' 400m hurdles semi-finals.  He made it through to the final as fastest loser.

I liked the little remote control cars to carry the discus's and javelins back to the net.

Christina Ohurougu.  She surprised us by coming second in her semi-final and making it through to the final (and then doing so well in the final to get a silver medal!).

Chris Tomlinson in the longjump.  He was never quite "on it" so it wasn't surprising that he ended up 6th which is pretty good by all standards.

Louise Hazel in one of the heptathlon 800m heats.  Rich fancies her so I indulged him with a few photos...

 And something for the ladies....this chap came 3rd in the longjump and was a real character, entertaining the crowd.

The Olympic flame - we couldn't see it until after the discus net was taken down.  Stunning.

I tried for ages to capture an entire sequence of a longjump and, when I looked at my photos, was chuffed to realise that my best effort was also the gold medal winning jump.  Well done Greg Rutherford, you did us proud!  Here goes...

Then Jess ennis enters the stadium and it goes mental.  She ran a brilliant race and gave that little bit extra to win her race as well as the gold.

All the heptathletes do a joint lap of honour which is great but all eyes were on one person...

I'll give you a clue, she's the one with the flag....

You will know that she's a Sheffield girl but did you know that her mum is from the Hope Valley, where I live?  Her mum went to the local school and her grandfather still lives a few miles away.  She has been out here loads of times so there's pictures of her in loads of the lcoal businesses (especially the ones who sponsored her int he early days) and, as a result, we feel like we have that little extra pride in her.

And then, after the madness of 2 gold medals, Mo comes out!  It was crazy loud, waves of noise rolling round the track....Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo......

Keeping us on edge, he gradually picked his way through the field and to the front before his awesome final lap blew them all away

At the end, he celebrated with his training buddy Galen Rupp who came second.  How cool is that?

It was an evening we'll never forget.


Seren said...

Oh wow! It was exciting enough watching from our living room - but to be there must has been AMAZING! Love the pictures.


Peridot said...

Great pics - perhaps you should give up the day-job and become a papparazza?!


Claire said...

Oh my god so jealous! Watched it on tv and was super excited. X