Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Golden Days

As you will have guessed by now, sport is very important to me so I am in seventh heaven with all the Olympic joy going on at the moment.  I even loved the Opening Ceremony although I had been extremely sceptical about what sort of ceremony we would come up with in this country - artistic public spectacles not generally being our forte!

I remember watching that amazing (but rather overwhelming ) event 4 years ago in Beijing and thinking - Oh God, what are WE going to come up with??  I feared the worst at the opening scenes of bucolic (and cliched) Ye Olde England.  But all became clear as it unfolded and I was very pleasantly surprised.  There were several real surprising, open-jaw moments:  the REAL Queen being one of them but also, Rowan Atkinson, Tim Berners-Lee, the signing choir and the 7 young athletes lighting the cauldron (which was very pretty).

I could have done without Paul McCartney  but then I could ALWAYS do without him.....I think he must be the most over-hyped person on the planet.  Yes, I get it, he was a Beatle but really, he can't sing anymore so let's just give him a rest eh??!

And then there's the sport itself.  I can watch pretty much anything - so far we've done cycling; rowing; volleyball (beach or regular); hockey; swimming, gymnastics; archery; canoe sprint; football; tennis (table and regular) and many more to come.    Today has been awesome - the women's first ever rowing Gold , the mens' Eight and now Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome.  Bliss bliss bliss

We have a weekend of sport ahead of us.  we've off to Headingley for the first day of the Test match agaisnt South Africa on Friday and then we're down to London for the Olympics on saturday.  We have tickets for the Athletics on Saturday night (come on Jess Ennis and Mo Farrer!!!!), Boxing on Sunday and Monday night and womens' hockey on Monday afternoon.  We might even pick up some of these newly released tickets for sunday if we're lucky.

And then, when we get back, the football will be about to start.....truly my cup runneth over.

I'm also participating too, not just a complete couch potato!  The golf season is hotting up again.  My partner Fran and I have made it through to the semi-finals of the pairs competition so there are only 2 matches between us and our Club pairs championship.  I'm also in the mixed pairs semi's with my pal Nigel although we'll be playing against Fran and her partner in that so we have a tough test ahead of us.

I'm lying in the top 6 in the Captain's competition which finishes next Wednesday so I have a good shot at a prize in that too. 

No change weight-wise.  I'm treading water, not doing any damage but am determined that I'm going to have another crack at SW when my diary lightens up and I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.


Peridot said...

Humph, glad you're enjoying it. Living in East London does not make me love the Olympics more. Taking out the idiot guides on platforms ought to be one of the sports come to think of it.

Actually I did watch a bit of the equestrian stuff and I'm pleased for Bradley Wiggins (I'm still not over the rapture of hearing a French commentator: "C'est Brrrrradleeeeee Weeeeeegeeeens" on the Tour de France) but I think the Olympics are a pleasure best enjoyed from a distance.

PS Am with you on Macca. Please. For the love of god. Stop.

Claire said...

Agree about Macca. They should have had Bowie singing 'Heroes'