Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Progress report

I began last week with a mildly determined effort at getting back on track and reversing the Olympics Effect. This effort started well with a couple of days of good routine and moderation but then quickly went to pot. A golf game was cancelled by others and no alternative exercise inserted to replace it. Work required some long hours which resulted in self-indulgent laziness and poor eating. I went to my parents and grazed on tasty treats, drank large amounts of red wine and did not go for a run as I usually to do on visits to Coleby. We went to Captain's Dinner at the golf club which involved a big meal and more wine (and beer afterwards).

So much for getting back on track. My heart was not really in it. I felt fat and bulky and my clothes were becoming worryingly tight with no larger ones to ease into. Yikes!

So, Monday morning was not a particularly pleasant experience but I managed to force my unwilling chimp onto the scales (once again, Knowledge is Power was my saviour) and I had the anticipated kick up the backside. A jump of 6lbs! and 2 lbs more than the previous Monday which had been shocking enough. Double Yikes!

So then I started with the last couple of posts and really thinking about what I was doing rather than "trying" in a vague, ineffective manner. And it has been much better. I know I've only been at it for 3 days but my weight has already dropped by 4 lbs (leading me to suspect that the Monday morning shocker was a blip) and, more importantly, my attitude is much better.

Mini-targets remain the way forward for me. I cannot face a big task so must break it down into day by day chunks. Today's targets are as follows:

  • Finish my work early and leave the office to get back to personal training at 4. I was not meant to be in the office today so routine is haywire but it can be done - that is what flexitime is for!
  • Salad and fruit for lunch.
  • Healthy, home-cooked supper and no wine.

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Linz M said...

Good luck! I need to get back on track but it seems pointless so close to my holiday... Post wedding I will be joining you :)