Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Procrastination Rules!!

And by that I mean rules to avoid procrastinating. I'm glad I stopped SW for a while; glad that I managed to coast along for a couple of months without any great damage being done; but not glad that I have experienced that classic post-holiday hangover for the last fortnight and gained 5 lbs!

Our trip to the Olympics and a few other fun summer events induced a happy, relaxed food and drink fest in me which has lasted long after normal life resumed. Okay, no problem, I can live with that but it has to stop and stop now!!

So, back to basics. Mini-targets usually work for me so let's set a few. Breaking the giant behemoth of my diet and exercise woes down into small, manageable chunks:

  • Today I will follow SW to the letter and write down what I eat.
  • I will print off a calendar to hang up at home so that I can record my weight and exercise on a daily basis and keep that pesky clever, rationalising chimp on the straight and narrow.
  • I'm playing golf later so that will have to do for exercise.
  • We're going to the first home match of the season this evening and I will drink diet coke or water not pints of bitter. 

Given that I'm absolutely run off my feet at home and work, the above is the best I can manage for now. The important thing is that it is a START and a meaningful one too.

Hope you've all been having a wonderful summer!!

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Peridot said...

Hey, nice to have you back!