Monday, 14 May 2012

Overdue update...

Oh, the vagaries of the scales....I have had a much better week and yet the scales are not minded to be kind. I do not appear from my morning interim WIs to have lost anything at all this week and may even have gained. My official WI is tomorrow so I am mighty a'feared. Shivering in my very timbers to be honest.

So - have I REALLY been good this week?? Probably not that good if I'm honest but, because I haven't gone out and drunk a shedload like I did last weekend, I FEEL better than last week. The joys of subjectivity. If I'm honest with myself (and you) there have been far too many (relatively blameless) extras. Each one will not individually present a problem but if you're having 2 or 3 a day, er well, you can see my problem.... A piece of toast here; a pint of fruity cider there (cover your ears Peridot - I know you think it is an abomination!); a slice of tart somewhere else...sigh. It's been fun kids, but you have to go!

In between there has been much sensible eating, not much drinking, plenty of exercise and, as I say, "relatively blameless" living. But "relatively" is not good enough it seems. Hey ho - hopefully no damage done, especially if I go for the mother of a run tomorrow and am totally blameless until then and I will learn my lesson for next week in advance of our holiday.

The exercise has been fun, especially as we have actually had some decent weather after an eternity of wetness. A lovely, yet hilly run Tuesday, a mile swum on Wednesday, nothing Thursday (too busy), personal training Friday, walking Saturday, golf and walking Sunday, dancing today (Monday). I'm trying to cut back on the running to once or maybe twice a week as I can feel the beginnings of my plantar fascitis coming back and do not want to wreck my golfing season so it was great to re-discover the Hathersage pool and manage a smooth mile ploughing up and down.
Dancing was good again tonight - Rich was not feeling very well so I was touched to see that  he still wanted to go to dancing even though he had to go to darts afterwards (the team would have been short without him due to Sheffield United's playoff game!).  I had thought he might choose darts over dancing but he managed to find the energy for both....sweet.  Luckily the dances we did were not too energetic - cha cha, rumba, tango and foxtrot....
So, I'm smiling now even if I do feel porky....BIG run tomorrow methinks!


Claire said...

I think you are doing great. The amount of exercise you do is fantastic! I can't wait to have the time to get moving again. I miss it so much. X

Peridot said...

Good luck with the WI - you never can tell, I find.

Yes, cider they have to doctor with ice/flavouring is vile. And very sweet! Lecture over.