Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

'Fessing up

Before I get round to my confession, Peridot quite rightly pointed out some startling omissions from my recent football based photographs - I can't believe how I missed them!  She noted that they were entirely lacking in "cute cows, lovely countryside and dogs". 

I afraid I haven't got any recent pics of cute cows - they all seem a bit surly round here at the moment - maybe it is the calving that's getting them down?  I do, however, have some lovely countryside and dogs for your delectation. 

These were taken one lovely day last week or the week before (can't remember now) on a lunchtime run while working from home.  I drove up to my old village and ran along the route of the railway track which was used to build the dams up to Ladybower reservoir and then looped back.  

We've just started out near Bamford Rec:

The view towards Bamford with the Mill in the foreground from the railway track .

Up towards Bamford Edge.

We're just about to tackle the big hill to the dam wall so stop for a pic of a little stream rushing down off Win Hill...

Made it to the top!  The reservoir is overtopping into the sinkholes (one at either side of the dam wall) which is always impressive I think.  That log stayed balanced there for days.

Looking into the water surging down the hole was hypnotic - maybe it was because I didn't want to start running back just yet....

I found a nice passerby to take my pic and he did a decent job for a change, even got Shelagh in at the bottom.

The water from the sinkholes comes out at the bottom (as you'd expect and flows off down the Derwent River. 

Rich tells me that "when he were a lad" he and his pals could walk up the overflow pipes when the sinkholes were overtopping and slosh through the knee high water.  Nowadays I imagine that heath and safety has (quite rightly IMO) put a stop to that sort of caper for 8 year olds!!   But it is something I'd like to do now of course...

Doggies on a rock!

Lots of water - the river was much wider than usual and the waterfall much more impressive than its usual trickle.

Now I've done the photos, I haven't much time before I play golf for my confession...

I went to weigh in yesterday and had GAINED 0.5lbs.  After 4 blameless weeks of tiny but steady drops, a gain and in a week when I had no events to excuse such a gain. Grrrr.  I'm annoyed with myself because I got complacent.

No more.

I did manage my big run last night though and added a good 0.5 mile loop to it too so I'm pleased with that.  I've got golf this evening and training on Friday.  And food has been good these last few days so I feel as though my slack week has not been too expensive.  Still annoying though as it pushes by half stone target backwards not forwards!

Anyway, no more time to chat for now! 


Seren said...

Beautiful pictures as always. As for half a pound on - pah, that run will have burned it I'm sure.


Peridot said...

Gorgeous pics, much better! Ha ha!

Half a pound is zilch - plough on and you'll have forgotten all about it in a week's time.