Friday, 23 December 2011

Santa's Scramble

Do Lady Golfers have a bad rep??  I never know how we are received.  I certainly know that there's enough goes on in golf clubs that we SHOULD (collectively) have a bad rep.  I've never come across a bunch of more snobby, old-fashioned, narrow-minded and hidebound traditionalists and I LIKE tradition!!

That said there are  many many more lovely women who just want to play a fun game in the outdoors, enjoy the competition, enjoy a sport they can play well into old age and with their partners.  So it's not all bad by any means.

These are a few pics I took of our Santa's Scramble competition a week last Wednesday.  What a laugh.  Due to a date change, my original team collapsed so I was "re-distributed" and ended up playing with the Lady Captain.  A bit of a groan when I realised that she wanted us to dress up!!

Luckily, however, the costume was not too onerous - We were snowmen (I had been wearing a hood and hat like the others but was too hot at this stage!) and it just involved a pair of those paper overalls, belt, scarf and hat.  It was a tad awkward to swing in but otherwise very toasty and warm.

 It was a slow old round so we were forced to keep warm on a mixture of mulled wine (from a flask) and damson gin - the Cinderella team playing behind us enjoyed this bit too!  Below an Ugly Sister swigs down the last of the Damson gin!

Me and the Lady Captain before we set off!

A collection of penguins and some Dickins characters....I believe that some costumes were then doctored to allow golf playing least I hope they were...bare legs in December a bit worrying!

 The reindeers were disconnected from their sleigh before play....I would have enjoyed seeing them traipsing across the fairways with their golf clubs...

Christmas Trees!! Such a clever costume although I think they cheated and, whisper it, BOUGHT their costumes!! 

And, in case you were wondering me and my team won.  A Texas Scramble is a fun format - you all drive off then pick the best ball and all take your next shot from that place and so on.  In theory you should score really well as each time, you're taking the best of 4 options!  As I hit quite a long ball it worked well for our team, especially as the others were quite high handicappers.  tee hee...


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