Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Christmas run

I told you I was going to go for a run at lunchtime!!  It wasn't the most inviting of days, chilly, misty and grey but not freezing cold and not chucking it down so bearable.

I slogged up and over the hill and then along this lovely walled lane which has a decent incline but is not as steep as the other paths I could take on this side of the road.

In case you're wondering where Shelagh is, she did come with us but doesn't approve of running so hangs back by way of silent protest.  once we hit the road and are on the homeward leg she catches up with us and joins in a bit more! 
I found a new path through the lovely (but grey) village of Bradwell.  At least I can't remember being on it before.  I suspect I have but that there have been lots of trees taken out hence now the views (of cloud and greyness!) 

Despite the grey wetness of it all, it was a lovely run.  I didn't go very fast and stopped to take some piccies as you can see but there were 3 decent hills and I was out for 40 minutes so not a bad little trot. It really set me up (and warmed me through) for an afternoon in my little office at home.  I'm getting to enjoy this working from home lark.

I'm enjoying an abstemious few days after all the Christmas lunches in advance of the festive madness.  But still looking forward to cutting back in January!!


Seren said...

Yes, you always reach a stage (usually about now!) when an abstemious January starts to sound really appealing!

Hope you, Rich and the girls have a fabulous Christmas.


Claire said...

You are very virtuous and your Christmas plans sound great. x

Peridot said...

Very virtuous! In fact in some of the pics I think I can see the reflected glow from your halo....

Have a merry one!


Shauna said...

Love those pics... so wholesome and festive and Englishy, swoon! Hope you and Rich and the hounds have a fab Christmas :)