Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I'm quite tired now....

It has been one of the, if not the, loveliest Christmases I've ever had.  Christmas Day was, as I mentioned, bliss.   Just to be spending the day together, not having to go anywhere or do anything to any particular timescale.  We had a brilliant time together, cooking and listening to christmas songs, walking the dogs, popping into the local.  We laughed and laughed, watched abit of telly (but not a lot really) and ate and drank well. 

We managed a round of golf on Boxing Day with Rich's younger brother, James, so we had a dose of much-needed fresh air and exercise.  Which we then ruined by heading to the pub to see a friend's folk/Irish band play.  They were very good but I think it was a few pints too far for Rich, poor man.  I was driving so not a problem for me!! 

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a heavy day - it seemed as though everyone picked that day for their various events.  We had a lunch party at Rich's brother's in Sheffield (roast beef sandwiches....mmmm) which was a mainly child-centric do but nice and relaxing.  Then back home for a mad 2 hour cleaning and sheet changing session.  Then up to his Mum's for more food.  This time a buffet but I think she thought she was catering for three times the number of people....a mind-boggling amount of food for 7 adults and 3 youngsters!

And then off to the station to pick up a couple of mates who were arriving to go to another band on in our local.

They saw them once before so we thought it would be another good night.  Which it was.  But not watching the band because they didn't turn up!!  How rude.  The landlord was fuming - he'd advertised, put up posters booked a band to boost his Christmas business and keep his customers amused and then didn't even have the courtesy to phone him to cancel!

Still, the pub stayed pretty busy and we had a good time with David, Nicola and James (Rich's younger brother again).  We drank far too much wine and set the world to rights, finishing up back at home with cheese and Christmas cake (yep - I've finally got round to cutting the cake) and port etc etc while watching cheesy pop classics. The port was what inspired me and James to try Christmas cake and stilton - a combination I'd heard was good but had never tried.  Mmmmm very nice.

Today we're off to my parents in Lincolnshire.  We are moving extremely slowly and looking forward to a quiet night in tonight - no booze and plain food.  Maybe a spot of sale shopping in Lincoln tommorow and then supper at my sister in law's tomorrow night.  Rich is quite excited about her cooking.  She is an excellent cook and he loves Asian cuisine so I hope she comes up with something spicy!

Then back on Friday in time for a weekend of football, New Year's Eve and more football.

Sheffield Wednesday has provided the only sour note of the holiday so far by losing in extra time against Walsall thus dropping down the table from 2nd to 3rd and allowing our local rivals, Sheffield United to go ahead of us!!  Very disappointing to concede 2 goals in 3 minutes of extra time.....glum....

But there is still along way to go and we have plenty of time to come back.  Preston on Saturday and Tranmere at home on Monday....

Come on yo Blue and White Wizzaaaaards!!!

And then we diet...

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Isabelle said...

It all sounds lovely. Hurray.