Friday, 2 December 2011

Positivity returns - feeling healthy roools!!

I'm pleased to report that, after 2 days of feeling healthy (or at least on the mend), I'm still going strong. I managed to keep my food options healthy and restricted yesterday and the day before - no treats bar a glass of wine. Even on the golf course I had a banana rather than one of the Go Ahead bars which live in my bag!

I had plans yesterday to go swimming at lunchtime although I was kind of dreading the hassle of getting there and back. No - "courage, mon brave - you can do it" I said!! Trouble is, I also had a stack of lunchtime type chores which needed tackling. Now that I work from home more often, I have fewer town-based lunchtimes in which to accomplish these. As it happened, the phone and email went mad around lunchtime so I could not have gone swimming in any event...grrr, thwarted.

I'm feeling less overwhelmed than I did around the time of my "Grumpy" post but I remain to be convinced that this new office is a truly productive environment. I sniggered at Peridot's comment that her tea collection would not fit into a locker let alone the rest of her gear! Yes, exactly - everything has to be culled to the bare bones and then you find that you don't have what you want/need! I timed it this morning - from arrival to productive working takes around 15 minutes - there's the finding of a desk which is not too far from the rest of the team; the setting up of laptop; the adjustment of desk, chair and screen; the changing of shoes from trainers to office pumps; the trip to the locker for papers, pens, mug, etc; the first cup of tea of the day and, eventually, you can get cracking.

I'm working from home today and about to head off to personal training at lunchtime so at least today will be virtuous. Nothing planned during the daytime tomorrow bar chores so I will definitely aim to go for a run. As I write that, I'm mindful of the Yoda-inspired comments a few weeks ago that one should "do or not do - there is no try" (or something like that). But even a day in advance is quite early for me to commit to something!! Who knows what may crop up - the weather may change for the worse (looking likely); the chores may expand into trips to town or major endeavours; we may decide to go for a "proper" walk... I will say that, if the day is not horrendous and I can reasonably carve out the time, I will definitely go for a run!

Actually, the idea of going for a decent walk sounds good - we haven't done that for a while. It's been a case of one of us whipping them round the fields for their daily exercise when we can, or relying on the dog walker chappie. A family hike could be in order on the Saturday if possible as we're golfing (weather permitting) on Sunday.

So - things going well, the gains are slowly being reversed. I'm going to limit the booze this weekend (despite the upcoming Social Dance) and try to actually hold onto the losses of this week into next for Weigh-In on Tuesday! That has been the pattern recently: lose steadily Wednesday through to Sunday then see the weight (and more) come piling back on Monday/Tuesday. Grr. Not this week.

PS. Yes, I know I shouldn't weigh every day. I now. But I need to get back into the swing of things and this is the best way I know how!


Lesley said...

Aaaargh - why is blogger doing the no paragraph breaks thing?? You know I didn't type it like that!!

Lesley said...

Cracked it...still not sure about this new Blogger format!

Sarah said...

Hey there,

Glad to read you're more cheery and positive. We hot desk at work at 80%, due to go up to 70%. It's hard in the middle is of the week when everyone's in. Yours sounds horrendous. It's really sad when the company/department in which we work manages to disengage good, motivated employees.

But for me, flight beckons, Ho Chi Minh city to LHR via Kuala Lumpur. Sounds v exotic, doesn't it! But right now it just feels long!

Sarah x