Friday, 15 July 2011

Trundling along

I've definitely turned a corner since my last post. I have turned away from treats several times even when my chimp was actively encouraging me to chow down.

For example yesterday at work I had some brilliant work related news and found myself in town with 30 minutes to kill. My chimp is in my head telling me to go and have a coffee and possibly cake to use the time to treat me, after all I "deserved" it having found the deed which had lain lost in the Council's archives for 30 odd years!! I went so far as to walk into not one but 3 cafes (well, one was McDonalds actually), look at what was on offer and then walk out again.

I ended up returning to the office early, having my sandwich and fruit and getting on with my work. No biggie.

I turned down a slice of my french teacher's homemade chocolate cake yesterday evening and didn't pick at the spicy wedges and homemade houmous and pitta bread in the pub last night. This is good.

I also braved the scales again this morning after a hiatus of a fortnight in readiness for starting all over again next week. The scales reveal that I'm back to where I started at the beginning of P2P1, ie. I have regained the 2 lbs I had lost. Heyho, that's not too bad. At least I'm not gaining.

I've (nearly) definitely decided to give Slimming World a go. I've not found myself a diet buddy but have found a convenient class which I can go to straight from work on a Tuesday night so I'll see. I need some discipline and external accountability and maybe SW will give me that.

Hopefully losing a stone or so will help with my pesky high blood pressure which has improved but which won't quite settle into the safe range. I'm on medication but it's not quite doing the trick. Grrr.

In other news, I went to a Bamford event last night - the Carnival Quiz night. It was nice to see pals from my old village and be reminded that not everyone there thinks I've grown 2 heads since I left D!! It was a stinker of a quiz, fiendishly difficult and our team did not impress. We fell into the trap of being quite good at every round but not brilliant at any so didn't win any prizes....boooo.....

I'm working from home today so have put in loads of hours and should be able to finish early and get out onto the golf course in the sunshine before the weekend of gloom which we're promised ruins all that.

I had a lesson on Wednesday evening and it was BRILLIANT! The pro Patrick was very complimentary about my game and took it very seriously (previously he's been quite jokey and flippant). He didn't do much just corrected my aim and adjusted my timing slightly. And what a massive difference it made. It was so EASY. Shot after shot of simple, sweet strikes. Nirvana for a golfer. I'm not so daft as to think that I'll effortlessly carry that form onto the course but at least I know what I'm aiming at now.

He has shown me a practise drill too so now I know HOW to practise. Before I felt a bit silly hitting a few balls and not knowing what I was trying to achieve, effort without focus.

So, I'm re-energised on 2 fronts - dieting and golfing. I hope this newfound energy yields results for both!!

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Love Cat said...

Good work on turning down the treats! It's so hard when someone had made something and it's on offer.

Sounds like you're definitely entering new head space.