Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Simply put, I haven't got much. I am coasting along not really achieving anything in the weightloss world at the moment. I lost a couple of lbs last month then sat back and did nothing for a couple of weeks. After a brief flourish during P2P1, my exercise has dwindled back to golf, dancing, walking, the occasional jog and personal training. My food intake is, shall we say, "generous".

This would all be great if I was at the weight I'd like to be longterm but I'm not. I'm a stone over what I was content at and 2 over what I'd ideally like to be at.

I don't feel particularly attractive at the moment either. I know I can still scrub up alright but my casual clothes are a bit too strained to be flattering. Belly and ass are definitely fat now, not just "generous". The mirrors in the dance studio on a Monday night are beginning to get me down.

Happily this is in no way connected to Richard so I don't have that element weighing me down as well...."weighing"....geddit??.....but it matters to me so I need to do something about it. Putting my money where my mouth is so to speak but it's more like not putting food where my mouth is.

I'm toying with 2 options. A more public, accountable P2P challenge again, ie. actually doing it compared to honouring it in the breach as I have this month. Or going to (back to) Slimming World. I've been to SW a few times in the past and have had some sucesses with it in that I lostt a couple of stone at least twice through SW.

The last time I went though I didn't stick to it and obviously didn't suceed. The new programme was confusing; the woman who does it near me is good at what she does but a tad on the depressing side (tbh she makes Eeyore look frivolous and light-hearted); my diet buddy dropped out very soon after we started going (it was the so-called pal who publicly unfriended me a few weeks ago which just goes to show...); and I think I felt a general diet fatigue so couldn't be bothered to commit.

I've heard that another woman I know locally is going to a different local class so I've sent her a message enquiring and that could be the solution. I like the group thing, it worked for me in Lighter Life and I could do with a kick up the (rather large) ass, frankly.

So, that's the plan. I'm coasting along for the next couple of days, increasing the exercise and cutting back on the treats and will start whichever new challenge I pick next week.

What of other news??

I got my golf handicap cut last week from 19 to 18 so I'm now officially better than Rich who is still languuishing on 19. This is good but I'm only just into 18 and the way the handicap system works my position is extremely precarious - one bad round and I'm back to 19. This means that I can't enjoy the crowing I'd like to do over Rich but hopefully I'll cement my superiority (on the course) soon and the crowing will flow!!

I'm loving the golf at the moment. I played this morning and am actually pining to go out again this evening. Rich's golf society is playing locally and I nearly went and joined them! The only reason I didn't is that the dogs need to be walked and I've got a lesson with the pro later this sad am I??

We had a nice weekend. It was my ma's 80th birthday on Friday so we went over to Lincolnshire for a family celebration. Due to the wretched Alzheimers, my ma had no idea it was her birthday although she did recognise the date when I read an article referring to it from the paper. But she seemed happy to see us all. Her memory must be really slipping though as she doesn't now greet us all by name in case she gets it wrong. She gets a slightly crafty look as she evades slipping up. Poor love. Also she never mentions D and doesn't seem to question the appearance of the new chap, Richard.

How sad it is to see her slide away from us. And how sad for my dad to lose his wife of 55 years gradually and in subtle increments.

Because she forgets everything she can be very impatient, constantly complaining tha the restaurant was keeping us waiting when it had not been that long since they'd taken our order. It must be hard for dad to deal with on a daily basis. I have to work at not snapping at her!!

On the plus side, my brother is moving back to my parents village from Canada very soon so Dad will have company on hand which is fabulous news. Also, Rich fits in really well with the whole motley crew of us. It was only the 2 of us on Friday as my sister's lot didn't arrive 'til Saturday so we went to the pub on Friday night and chatted to all Dad's cronies. It was great to see him in his element and reconnect with his mates. He's the oldest at nearly 80 but the rest aren't far behind and they're a lovely lot.

So mostly life is very sweet. I just need to keep on top of the pesky waistline!!


Claire said...

You sound busy! Must be upsetting seeing your mum float away...and yes awful for your Dad. Golf sounds great. I'm a mini golf addict myself, although I am crap at it. I've never dared upgrade to grown ups golf.

Dietwise I do believe a change is as good as a rest. x

Peridot said...

You're so (cheerfully) determined when you get going that I know you can do this! Do let me have any SW tips you may pick up - you know how badly I need this.

Very sad about your mum - it's a very cruel disease.