Saturday, 18 June 2011

P2P1 - The Final Reckoning

Just some random shots taken from a recent evening walk up Bradwell Edge. Gorgeous poppies - I have "flower envy" due to my rubbish garden this year so am stooping to nicking shots of other peoples' flowers as I walk low can I go?!

Did you notice that I've re-dubbed it P2P1 thus cunningly allowing for a sequel... Yes, I'll be back fighting next month in P2P2.

Yes, yes I can hear you clamouring for the results.... P2P1 was not a total bust. I managed to lose 2.4lbs overall.


I made a start. This is pretty huge as inertia is a big thing for me and i can procrastinate for England.

I lost weight. Reasonable amounts for 3 out of 4 weeks. Not much, admittedly, but I weigh less this month than I did last month. If I were to lose 2.4lbs every month for a year I would lose over 2 stone in that year.

The chart works. It taught me something about myself and my exercise routine. It kept me focussed and accountable.

I had brilliant, busy month and enjoyed life unencumbered by "dieting".

I re-introduced running into my fitness regime and it is slowly getting easier.


I only lost 2.4lbs over the period of a month. I was aiming for 5-6lbs.

I had a spectacularly bad week when I gained 5.6lbs! Yikes.

My food intake was still pretty loose - quite a few unnecessary sweets and pints were consumed. I need to keep on top of this as it is probably mot sustainable longterm.

So, there is lot of good and some not so good and plenty of hope and enthusiasm for next months and P2P2. Wish me luck.

In other news I'm in the middle of a really busy weekend so there is no time for other news. I'll try and get back to you tomorrow....byee

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Isabelle said...

I love that big picture of Shelagh. What character in her face!