Thursday, 23 June 2011

Olympic Tickets

Another sunny walk ending up in the pub....
I know it's bit dull but it's a classic dry stone wall and very beautiful in its way.
Nearly there....

Grrrrr I’m grinding my teeth and gnashing a bit. I was sooo excited to discover a couple of weeks ago that £186 had been taken from my Visa account which meant I had been successful in buying at least some tickets. I was hopeful that it might be the Mens’ 100m final, the Mens’ tennis final at Wimbledon but I suspected it would be a selection of lesser tickets coming to that total. I was right – but unfortunately it was not the greatest combination. 2 lots of the same sport on consecutive days. That’s a pain. Worse was finding out that it was boxing.

Now I quite like boxing and no doubt there will be a good atmosphere in the Excel arena but I’m hacked off that I got 2 lots and not a sniff of other more attractive sports. I had tried for all sorts – archery, mountain biking, rowing, triathlon, athletics of course, swimming, beach volleyball. And I got 2 lots of boxing.

And now, due to the vagaries of the system, as I have “been successful” I don’t get priority in the second chance ballot which starts tomorrow. I’m gutted as I suspect you will have more chance getting tickets in that than in the first ballot and there are still some good sports left like rowing, athletics, equestrian, beach volleyball etc..

I’m trying to tag along with my mate Jim (the honorary girl pal who I go to the footie with) as he didn’t get anything first time round but not sure how successful he’ll be. Perhaps he’ll delegate the trying to me and I can spend a happy hour or so from 6am tomorrow in frustration at the crashed website which will, no doubt, be the result of this somewhat chaotic system??

As a major sports lover, I really want to be part of this games and will be sad if boxing is all I get. Maybe tickets will start to come available nearer the time – probably on ebay etc but I had hoped that by planning early I would actually be organised for a change. Thwarted. Sigh….

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