Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 19 March 2011

A quiet week...sort of....

After the success of my quiet weekend last weekend, I've followed it up with a relatively quiet week. I have been shamefully poor at doing any exercise but, to be honest, have quite enjoyed a week off. I'm not beating myself up about not doing anything all week but I'm looking forward to getting going again next week.

So, what have I done? Monday night was dancing so I suppose I have done some exercise after all. No new steps, just revised the cha cha, tango and samba. Rich hates the samba but I thnik we might have had a bit of a break last!

Tuesday night was football - a home game against Peterborough. I went up to my friend Kerry's house straight from work for supper and we were most healthy. Thai Green vegetable curry with low fat coconut milk - healthy and very tasty. I've not been up to Kerry's before and think this is the first time we've spent an evening together without Jimbo so it was nice to find out that we got on really well. Nice to make new friends even at this great age!!

See me chatting on about anything but the football! That's because it was DIRE! We lost 4-1 at home to a side which was relegated with us last year. How come they are doing so well and we are struggling so badly?? Hey ho - hopefully we won't be relegated again and can re-build next year. Rich was in a grumpy mood as he hadn't even wanted to go to the game (this is very rare and a symptom of just how bad they are) but had ended up driving his dad and sister to the game....not happy to see us lose so badly...

Wednesday was a really hard day at work - long hours, lots of high stress meetings where you have to be on top form all the time and lots of work coming out of them. And on top of that, a nasty letter from D's solicitor just to put the cherry on the top of a horrid day. So despite the plans to go for a run, all I was fit for was cooking supper and settling into a bottle of wine and a cuddle on the sofa.

Thursday was a few early door drinks with friends with children and then later back to the same pub for a night out at darts and dominos. I didn't drink more than a couple of halves but had a really nice night chatting with lots of folk from my old village.

Friday was working from home (finally got some drafting done without interruption from all and sundry) and then an early finish to play 9 holes of golf with Rich and his pal Brian. What a glorious afternoon/evening it was - sunny, crisp, beautiful. usually we have a small bet on a game even if we're only playing a friendly round but for some reason didn't do this last night. Typical! I played the best I ever have at Rich's course and beat them handily but didn't have the satisfaction of taking any money off them....grrr. Still, lovely to play well early on in the season.

Then a really nice few drinks in the White Hart last night which we try not to do every Friday but which is lovely and friendly and you never know who you're going to end up chatting to. Last night our love of dogs led us into conversation with some holiday makers. They had the most enormous Italian mastiff type dog. It wasn't a mastiff but of that ilk. A Cane Corsa or something?? It looked like an ancient breed. I'm sure I've seem old roman pictures of dogs just like it - huge, muscular and with absolutely giant heads! This one, Jeff, was a massive softie but I wouldn't like to try and stop him doing anything he was of a mind to do!! The couple had rescued him from a shelter aged 18 months as his previous owners had underestimated how tough it would be looking after such a massive, strong creature. He had apparently been only a day or so off being put down!!

Today has been all about chores. My sister in law, Hadi and nephew Lachlan are due any time now so it's been cleaning and shopping in readiness for them. I was happy to discover that, because I started early, I was able to meet my pal Paula for an hour's walk this morning. we took our 3 dogs (all cocker spaniels and all beautiful!) up the big hill behind my house and had a lovely chat before getting back to the grindstone again.

So, all in all, a mellow, productive and pleasant week. Taking it relatively easy but still doing nice stuff and generally being kind to myself.

I feel ready for proper exercise again and proper dieting too. In fact I feel ready for anything!!

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