Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Excited and exhausted. But mostly excited.

I’m excited because we’ve finally started the process of moving house. Last weekend was Stage 1 which was moving Richard out of his flat in Bamford. After a weekend of work, that stage has now been completed. Although I’m sure he never intended to, he had lived in the flat for around 10 years and it was not a particularly streamlined place. So, there was a lot of stuff to be chucked out and a lot still to be sorted and either sold, donated to charity or thrown away. I was encouraging a slightly more vicious brand of “sorting” but he’s not a natural chucker so we compromised at 2 full van loads to the tip and a Council collection of larger furniture. Not a bad weekend’s work! But there is an alarming room in the new house which is now full of boxes still to be dealt with. Promises have been made……

We move into our new place this coming weekend and that is what I’m really excited about. It is lovely. The sort of place we can stay in for a long time, hopefully . It has a great “feel” to it - big sash windows; high ceilings; working fire places in 4 rooms; plenty of original features; and brand new kitchen, bathroom and heating. Much better than the usual finish for rented property. The landlord is a professional landlord and has loads of properties in Sheffield and several in Bradwell which is where he is from originally. Everyone we have spoken to who knows him says he’s a good bloke and has a lot of time for him so that is good to hear. Also, the house we’re renting was where he was brought up as a child so he seems to have a bit of a soft spot for it. He has made an effort to preserve rather than replace, hence the original front door and windows and the good quality finish.

It is great to have something so positive to look forward to and Rich seems as excited as me about the move. We just have to do it now which will be a pain, more shifting of boxes and furniture and taking apart and putting back together again of the bed….sigh…. Although we have effectively been living together for 6 months now, this new house is going to be “our” place officially (both names on the tenancy agreement) and it feels like a lovely new venture. I’m happy that the things I’m excited about are also the things which he is looking forward to. Last night in the pub, I was chatting to someone but could hear him talking to a mate about the house and saying stuff about having people over for Sunday lunch or supper, having space for visitors and having a garden (once we knock it into shape that is). I can’t wait.

So, although I’m only treading water on the food and exercise front, I’m making great strides on the living my life front and that is a good thing. And shifting boxes is not a bad workout….honest!

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