Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Bradwell Spring Medley

I think spring is just about here in the Peak District. we're several weeks behind most of the country and it's only early signs but very welcome ones.

I went for a walk on Friday lunchtime in the glorious sunshine and took some pics to prove it. You cant see in this shot but there are several paragliders out off Abney and Bradwell Edge. As it was a weekday, only a few but yesterday (Saturday) I counted over 30 off Bradwell Edge!! Nutters!
Looking back towards Bradwell with Win Hill (left), Bamford Edge (centre) and Bradwell Edge in the foreground on the right.

Gorgeous sunshine.

There are loads of mysterious looking caves in the limestone landscape. I often wonder whether anyone has explored them all or whether they are just "there".

The view towards Windmill and Great Hucklow.
I've no idea what they're investigating in the verge but, whatever it is, they never tire of it!

Sunny but still very cold so this horse is probably pleased to be well wrapped up.

Minty always "has words" with this Collie as she passes and the Collie is pleased to reciprocate. I hope the gate is never left open.

Tasty, chunky looking spring lambs....mmmmm.......
These were the first daffs I had seen in bloom, tiny little narcissi. Today there are loads out but I always love the brave first bloomers.

I love this bank of crocuses. Who planted them in this little nothingy spot? Whoever it was, I'm glad they made the effort.
Jacob sheep with spiky horns. Strangely Minty always gives them a wide berth.


Seren said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful! But I'm afraid my first reaction to the spring lambs was "mmmmmm" too. Bring on the mint sauce :))


Peridot said...

Great pics as ever. I bet you that if that gate were open, the collie and Minty would have an unspoken (unbarked?!) pact to ignore one another!