Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Keep it Simple Stupid

Having re-read my last post (“Ups and Downs”) and my last but one post (“Be careful what you wish for…”), I deliberately decided to have a quiet, steady weekend and not overburden myself with chores or social activities. I got my weekly shop out of the way on Friday lunchtime at the supermarket rather than cramming it into Saturday morning in the local shops. Much as I prefer the butcher, baker, fruit shop in a nearby village to the monolithic maw of the Morrisons, every now and then a supermarket is handy and you do get a lot more for your money. I also didn’t arrange to meet up with anyone which I often do, reasoning that I could do without the rushing about.

We didn’t go out on Friday night and, although I usually like a few in the White Hart on a Friday evening, last week it was nice just to stay at home and chill with a bottle of wine.

Saturday morning was lovely – instead of fitting in all the shopping and unloading, I flitted through a couple of minor “nice” chores then popped up to the house we’re renting in a few weeks’ time. The painters were in and were happy to let me wander around with a tape measure. I’ve seen it before of course but now that it’s part way through being painted, it looks great. I’m so excited about moving in and getting cracking on furnishing and decorating to my heart’s content (on a shoestring of course but that just makes it more fun!).

Saturday afternoon we went to the football. Great to meet up with friends in the pub and have some banter. Not so great to have to sit through the turgid, miserable offering that is Sheffield Wednesday these days. A grotty 0-1 defeat. Blegh! Then back to Rich’s dad’s for supper and another quiet night in – and no cooking – yay!!

Sunday was a lot more energetic. Rich’s brother had suggested a game of golf at a nice course about 40 minutes away on the way to Manchester – Shrigley Hall. Great idea. But not at 8.40 on a Sunday morning in the rain! He needed to play early due to childcare stuff but in the end we didn’t play with his group anyway but with some of our friends from the Valley so there was no need to play at that Godforsaken time! Very annoyingly (who gets up at 6am on Sunday??) it was raining early on so we had 7 or so holes in the wet and cold. It then cleared up and turned into the most gorgeous, sunny, blue-sky day you can imagine. This was most welcome but just emphasized what a lovely day we would have had if we’d played at a more civilised hour….grumble grumble grumble….

That said, it was great to be out on a golf course again. I haven’t played since Christmas. I didn’t do too badly either. Had a few good holes and a birdie which is always gratifying on a new course. I really want to play the course in the summer as it looks beautiful nestling on the side of the Peaks overlooking the Cheshire Plain and Manchester. Stunning views and lovely wooded valleys and streams. An interesting, tricky course too but very generous to female golfers so that I had some excellent tee positions compared to the men, a fact which I took full advantage of!! My partner and I beat Rich and his partner handily and took the whitewash dosh off them with big smirks on our faces – £2 each for the front nice, back nine, overall and a birdie to boot!!

I took the dogs out in the sunshine in the afternoon for some rather token hill walking training but Rich stayed on the sofa watching the rugby – slug! I was quite pleased that our team had a bye so there no quiz in the evening. All the more time to cook and eat a well-earned roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and then snuggle up on the sofa with Rich and the dogs to watch golf on TV.

My dad rang for a chat in the evening. We had a really good long conversation during which I managed to air a few of the things which have been niggling at me and also seemed to be able to reassure him that my life has not collapsed just because of the divorce and that it is, in fact, a good thing. All in all a lovely relaxing and pressure free weekend. Just what I needed.

And then I’ve had some lovely supportive comments to my last post so know that I’ve got pals when I need them too. Thanks a lot – as you probably know from your own experience, the friendly words really do help. Mwah!!


Seren said...

What a blissful sounding weekend - and a chilled sounding post! Good for you.


Peridot said...

That sounds lovely - very contented. Although I didn't understand half the golf chat!


Isabelle said...

I never have weekends like that. It sounds great! Enjoy this one too.