Wednesday, 1 December 2010


As you can see, I have finally managed to upload some snowy photos. They're in 3 lots; the first are from the weekend when we had a picturesque dusting set off by glorious sunshine and an incomparable blue sky. The second lot are from yesterday when we had a proper downfall and the last 2 pics I took from my back door this morning when I stuck my nose out and snapped the "view".

Its been fun seeking out new routes for dog walking and admiring new views too. Hope you like them.

This is the view from the top of Bradwell looking back down the Valley with Win Hill on the left and Bamford Edge in the background.

This the point I turn back on my walk, the very edge of the village looking out towards Windmill and Tideswell with Shatton Edge to the left.

Its a very hilly area. There's no such thing as a flat walk round here!!

So, this is what it looked like yesterday in between snow showers.

I could see the dogs yesterday but suspect if we went out today, they would be invisible. This morning when I let them out for a pee, they hopped about 2 foot from the door, did their business then turned tail and came back in! In the minute they had been outside they were already covered in snow and looked like baby snowdogs!

This morning it was chucking it down. I was half-heartedly thinking about starting the 2 or 3 mile trek to the station and then heard a whisper on the radio that the trains weren't running. I checked the website (thank God I've got broadband finally!!) and discovered that the trains between Sheffield and Manchester are cancelled. I've not seen this much snow so quickly and certainly not so early in the year.
I emailed work and found out that only one person has made it in from my team and all of the bosses are snowed in so it's a genuine snow day!! I'm doing a bit of checking of emails etc but really it's a lovely day off. Will probably take it off and not bother claiming that I worked from home, just credit a couple of hours to my flexi pot.
Rich walked to work at 6.30am and got in bang on time (what a hero eh?) and was sent home with pay 2 hours later. It's looking like a day watching old films and hopefully heading out for a walk to the shops once (if!) it stops snowing later.
I am pretty well provisioned but don't have any spuds to go with the 2 lush looking steaks I have in the fridge and the delivery to the Co-op in the village didn't have any either....panic!! I'm also struggling for dog food - there is a pack of chicken wings in the freezer in Rich's flat but we can't get to them!! So the girls enjoyed scrambled eggs on toast with me for breakfast!!
They're now curled up so tight you couldn't squeeze a finger in to scratch their tummies
but, no doubt, once we hit the sofa, they will clamber up for a proper cuddle!
Actually, these are out of date - there is even more snow now as it's been coming down solidly for the last 3 hours! There are 2 foot long icicles on the guttering of the house opposite!!

Anyway, I'm off to the sofa now. Hope you're all safe and well and can enjoy your snow day in peace or, if you're in sunnier climes, that you're enjoying the tales of the UK's unusual weather.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

The pictures are gorgeous. Thank goodness you have another snow day!

We are still freezing over here in Russia (high of -22C), but when it's cold like this, the sun comes out, which is a welcome sight! In Canada (and maybe elsewhere), there's a saying that it's "too cold to snow".

Stay warm and good luck getting your potatoes...snowshoes would likely come in handy for your trek to the shop.

Isabelle said...

Glad to read of you being so happy. D never sounded good for you!