Friday, 17 December 2010

What do you want for Christmas?

Last year I don't know what I wanted for Christmas. Probably some toy. In the end I got a selection of "stuff" from my family and D's and D bought me a very expensive state of the art long lens for my digital SLR camera. It was a thoughtful present based on our holiday to Botswana where I'd taken some great shots but who knows what I could have taken with an even bigger lens.

This year will be different. Rich and I will not be spending Christmas together which is a source of sadness to both of us and we have agreed to put the money we would have spent on presents towards a holiday next year. It's very sensible but I must admit, now that Christmas approaches, to being a bit disappointed. I like the buying of gifts as well as the receiving and have thought of so many things I would have liked to have bought for him.

Still, maybe I can negotiate a small gift each...

But, what I was really getting at in the title was what do I REALLY want for Christmas? If I could wave a magic wand and make things right, what would I ask for?

  • I'd like to see D losing his bitterness and hatred and learning to be happy in himself. I truly hope he is happy already but now, whenever I see him, he is so engaged in making me unhappy that I can only assume that he is still bitter. So, I'd like to know that he is happy again.
  • I'd like my father to see how happy I am now and trust in that. He naturally worries about me and, while he's beginning to see it, think he needs a bit more time to accept it. I suppose the word "divorce" is troubling for a man of his generation in itself and carries inevitable connotations of upset and unhappiness which are not necessarily the case.
  • I'd like the happiness I've found with Richard to continue and deepen.
  • Oh, and World Peace....

What do you lot REALLY want for Christmas??

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Peridot said...

So, I'm shallow. I'd like the ability to eat whatever I like whilst never putting on weight (or ideally losing it). I'd also like a load of cashmere jumpers (v or scoop neck only) in blues, greens and purples. Which suit me and keep me warm. And some art deco sapphire earrings to go with my engagement ring. And a puppy and the lifestyle (country cottage, no need to work etc) to accommodate it. All pipe dreams!