Friday, 3 December 2010

More snow days...

The road down through the village to the pub, sweet eh? And steep too...

Rich leaning on a snow drift

Me and Minty. I know the hat is deeply unflattering but it's warm and keeps my ears covered up so nerr...

It's been a mini snow-cation this week:
  • I worked from home Tuesday by arrangement.
  • There was not a cat's chance in hell of getting in on Wednesday so I did about half a day's work before abandoning that effort. Well, Richard was sent home from work and there were walks to be had, dogs to be cuddled and films to be watched.
  • Thursday was hardly any better. The car was totally covered and couldn't be moved until late afternoon and, even if I had been able to shift it, the trains weren't running anyway.
  • Today, I probably could have made it in. The occasional train was running but there were big delays - 60/90 minutes. Rotherham station was totally closed but I suppose I could have tried to drive (didn't fancy it over the hill in the ice...) or take the train to Meadowhall and try and get a taxi from there. But the effort seemed disproportionate to the reward. Richard's work texted yesterday and said it was going to be closed today and I have plenty of leave days left so I decided early to take another one and make the most of it!
So, what have I been up to?

I was very proud of myself yesterday. I re-arranged personal training from 7am to a more civilised 11am. You'd have to be insane to get up that early if you don't have to and schlep through the deep snow and ice for a mile and a half.... But I did schelp through the snow and ice for a mile and a half at 10.30am to get there and, as a "reward" he worked me exceedingly hard. Huw said I was one of the dedicated half dozen out of his clients who had not cancelled and who had made a proper effort to keep up with my routine.

(I hope you're picturing me now with chest puffed up with pride because that is how I felt....smug, virtuous, insufferable to be honest!! Tee hee...)

Once that was out of the way, we dug my car out and went to Hope a couple of miles down the road to do some essential chores. Then a proper snowed-in session in the local last night rounded off another lovely day.

Today, Rich had to go up to his flat so I stayed and made my Christmas cake. I know, I know, it should have been made weeks ago and be sitting in a cupboard being lovingly fed brandy but 3 weeks will jsut have to do. I'm now sitting blogging in a warm kitchen scented with the heavenly smell of baking fruit cake....mmmmmm....droooool.....

We've just been for a walk and while it wasn't as pretty as it had been first thing this morning when the sun was out, it was still beautiful. Some of those lanes are so deep in snow which has now frozen that I can't see them being passable for weeks. A few looked more like footpaths than roads. It is pretty epic up there.

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rachel said...

Lesley, how happy and 'sorted' you sound these days! Those dramatic changes you are making seem to be just right for you. Wishing you continuing courage and success in forging a new, happier life with Rich. x