Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snowy working from home day

I had actually planned to work from home today anyway before all the snow hit as I had a boring set of documents to wade through so it fell quite nicely for me today.

But, it is still a Tuesday so that means personal training at 7am. And it was very very snowy. We were both up and out at 6.30am to see whether our respective cars would move having left them at the bottom of the village on the flat(ish) bit. They would, although somewhat slippily. So I found myself quite strangely sitting outside the studio at 6.45am waiting for my trainer to arrive (he, of course, jogged in!!). It was a great start to the day and I have been really productive since. Sitting in my warm kitchen with my happy doggies typing away and smirking at the snow falling through the window.

Rich was sent home at lunchtime so he's been watching rubbish on the telly and begging cups of tea (lazy beast) but we snuck out for a snowy walk before it got dark so it has not been a totally interior day. It is STUNNING out there. I wish I could show you how pretty but my camera situation is still rubbish. Chargers have, erm, gone "missing" in a very irritating fashion so I have to buy new ones. I feel as though an important bit of me has been amputated when I'm walking without a camera... oh well, I'll get it sorted along with the 300 other things...

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring work and travel wise. Hopefully I will be able to get to a train and get to work. More importantly though I hope we can get into Sheffield in the evening as we have tickets to see the mighty Madness in the O2 tomorrow night!! Really looking forward to it and hope the weather doesn't put a downer on it. Fingers crossed.

My evening with a friend and Rich's Golf Club committee meeting (yawn....) have both been cancelled for weather-related reasons so we have a nice unexpected night in to look forward to. Lamb curry methinks and maybe some baking....mince pies anyone??

Hope you're all enjoying and not being beaten by the snow. xxx

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Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I like your description of your snowy day...sounds so cozy!

We only have a light sprinkling of snow here in Moscow, but it's bitterly cold (-22C tonight).

Kudos to you to workout with your trainer on such a day - and so early, too. THAT is commitment!

Enjoy your time in the snowy weather! :)