Tuesday, 1 June 2010

At last - a new low....

I was right not to be disheartened last week. I have kept the faith and was rewarded with a new low weight on the scales this morning. It's a loss of 3 lbs last week, taking me to 13 stone 7 so I'm very pleased with myself.

And a little surprised to be honest. We had my niece and her boyfriend visiting for the whole weekend. They're 20 and 23 respectively. I felt as though I was feeding them the whole time!! Cooked breakfasts, snacks, shepherds pie, roast beef with yorkies and apple crumble, pancakes and croissants. I was having to get up early and go running as well as all the weekend activities.

Saturday comprised 5 hours rainy day (and manically busy) shopping in Meadowhall (or Hell as the locals call it) with 2 twentysomethings! Knackering! I went in shops I have never even considered going in - Hollister, O'Neills, Bench, Superdry, Republic. Full of hollow-eyed, skin and bone teens.... but not as scary as I first thought. I ended up trying on loads of clothes that I wouldn't have previously tried with some interesting results. Bought a tight check shirt from Superdry, some diamante toe-grip sandals from Monsoon and a ridiculous t-shirt from Firetrap.

The latter was a mistake made purely as a result of my vanity! It's a grey, trendy print, scoop neck tee, very flattering from the front and almost totally backless. Just one strap across where your bra strap goes. It therefore leaves you pretty much naked from the back! Not such a good idea for a largish 40 year old! But my niece told me that I could "totally carry it off" so I bought it! Got it home, tried it on and realised that I am now officially mutton dressed as lamb....

But I WILL wear it at least once just to prove a point. Not sure what point but it will be proved.

Yesterday was a bit more "me". The Bamford Sheepdog Trials followed by a round of golf. I am going back to playing after 2 years off (for no good reason). I'm having to put 3 cards in to re-activate my handicap and yesterday's was pretty good - 3 birdies in 1 round!! I normally get around 3 birdies in the whole summer so to get them all in one go is pretty amazing.

Hope you all had a great weekend (I know you did Peri!!) and that we're all ready to embrace the healthy once more!!

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Claire said...

Ah good for you. Kept the faith and it paid off. Good to see. xxx