Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Shocks to the system

Well today has been a pretty unhappy day really. We were called into a team meeting this morning and informed that almost half of our external funding for staff costs has been cut from 1 September 2010. That means, as things stand, 10 redundancies out of a team of 22! Obviously there is a way to go before this takes effect and we will be fighting to preserve some of the funding, put off the cuts and persuade the Council itself to take over some posts from the external funder but it's pretty grim. Even if you're one of the ones retained, the heart of the team will be going and friends will be losing their jobs. And there's every chance, given the numbers involved, that I will be affected.

As the only solicitor in our team, you could either say that I'm vital and necessary or you could say that you could cut me and my relatively high salary and use external solicitors in future. I know they like having me on hand and I am convenient for them, but am I essential? Probably not. I would hope to go down to part-time if possible. Suspect it's the best I can wish for.


On the upside. After the bombshell, I went into town to pick up my lunch and bought the exact same lunch as I would usually buy - sushi, yoghurt and a fruit juice. The thought briefly passed through my mind that I could go for McDonalds cappucino and thence it strayed to Thorntons chocolate or even the pub. But it was more as a curious thought - "would food/cappucino/drink make me feel better?" The answer was a clear - "what are you on about? Of course not." So - I don't think emotional eating is likely to plague me on this one.

In the past, I've struggled with boredom eating more than comfort eating but hopefully neither is my first response any more.

The other positive is that, as a result of the meeting and its aftermath, I couldn't go swimming as intended. My first thought was - "oh well, I'll go for a run this evening instead". So I'm not even using the upheaval as an excuse to avoid exercise. In fact I thought that a run would be a great way of getting rid of adrenaline and processing it all.

How things have changed!


Nona said...

Well done for avoiding destructive eating and on getting your exercise in. It's at times like these that it is so hard to stick to the habits one's been cultivating for a long time.

Really sorry to hear about the cuts and the downsizing. Really upsetting news. I hope they can keep you on and if not that you'll find something very soon. I'll send good positive vibes out into the universe for you.


Claire said...

Bad news on the job but good news on the eating choices! x

Peridot said...

I'm really sorry to hear about the job situation - seems to be happening all over. All us public sector people seem to be paying the price for those bankers. Hmm, bitter, much?! I could rant on this for some time but will refrain.

A big well done on the eating thing though - easiest thing in the world to self-medicate with food and it must truly be a liberation to not have that knee-jerk reaction any more.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, honey.

Peridot x

beth said...

Thinking of you and fingers crossed! beth xx

Badger said...

Keep focused on the positive and remember that unhealthy eating will not make the situation any better, plus exercise will relieve the stress xx

Nona said...

Just popped by to say I'm thinking of you and hope you're doing okay.

Peridot said...

How are things? Thinking of you.

Peridot x

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Please keep us posted on what happens with your job! so stressful and that is so awesome you didn't comfort yourself with food, and then kept exercise in your daily plan. That is great!