Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 14 June 2010

I'm a fraud

I haven't posted for ages after putting up a dramatic post about job losses so you lovely lot are probably all thinking that I'm here worrying away. Well, while it's not a great atmosphere in the office, it's not that bad and no axes are likely to fall for a while so I'm not really fretting just yet.

The simple truth is I've been doing anything but thinking about weight and exercise. I've not stopped doing it but just haven't been thinking about it. Life has been good and active and I've been watching football every minute I have spare and blogging just hasn't been top priority.

As a result, I haven't lost any weight for a couple of weeks so am still stuck at 13 stone 7 lbs which is a loss of 1 stone 4 lbs since March. Not bad but wanted to see a bit more progress.

So this evening I went for a long walk up Win Hill and enjoyed a modest supper and gave myself a good talking to. Tomorrow I have personal training first thing and am playing tennis in the evening so that's got to be good. Wednesday it's golf and gardening and Thursday training again. Friday will be swimming and then beer (bad Lesley but England are playing so what am I to do??). So, things are looking good as long as I keep tabs on the food side of things which I fully intend to do.

I will report back soon and let you know!! Hope you're all being more motivated and focussed than me!! And that you're having as good a time as me!!


Peridot said...

Yes! I've been worried! Glad you haven't been overly and that you're having a good time (although football, grrrr).

Peridot x

Milly said...

Pleased to see you back, thought you had fallen off the face of the earth!! Pleased you are enjoying the footy, I am enjoying the social get togethers & world cup parties more I must admit. I too am not blogging, I haven't got much to say, will get back to it all soon I hope. Let me know when your program is aired, I found the last one very motivating to get me off my fat backside!

Milly x

Isabelle said...

Pleased to see you back too.

Redundancies - most of my architect daughter's office was made redundant - everyone but the partners. And there's no work for architects and many seeking it. Sigh. Hope things go better with you.

Nona said...

Well, I for one am glad that you're okay work wise. Football has been very interesting though England has been ... disappointing.