Monday, 8 February 2010

That London

What's not to like - posh chocs and french desserts??!

Purveyor of the stinky cheese...

Risotto for supper.

Stacey and Natalie at the beer stall, shurely shome mishtake?!

I love London flower stands.

I hadn't been to London for ages and now I've been down twice in less than a month. I've really enjoyed it too. This time was a visit to an old Uni mate, Nat and a get together with 2 more Uni/Law School pals, Rachel and Stacey. We haven't got together for over 2 years now (where does the time go to??) so it was great.

Drunken night out on the Friday evening, Thai meal followed by the worst "club" in London! Nat really didn't want to go clubbing so, being good friends of hers, Stacey and I unceremoniously made her. It was called the Mango Lounge and it was dire!! Terrible, pointless Garage music and overpriced drinks and an assortment of foreigners having what looked like an awful, joyless time. We loved it of course...

Trouble is, after another few hours drinking at home, the hangover was monumental. Which in turn meant that Saturday was a bit of a write-off. Still, we eventually managed to drag ourselves out and across London to Borough Market. We've all lived in London for years between us and none of us had ever been!! How rubbish is that?? It's top!

If you don't know it's a great foodie market in Southwark. Gorgeous food, somewhat overpriced but beautiful and soooo tasty. We had a good time picking our feast for Saturday night and then went home and ate it. Well, I couldn't countenance the Vacheran cheese (toooo toooo stinky for me!) but everything else was delish.

So, I'm very sorry that this post is the anti-diet post. But, but but, I managed a run on Sunday morning and didn't drink on Saturday night (that pesky hangover again)........

And now I'm truly on the straight and narrow. I've made a great fresh start and am feeling very positive. Long may it last.


Peridot said...

Running when away from home - particularly virtuous, take a gold star!

Peridot x

Isabelle said...

That underneath-a-bridge (or something) pic looks positively Dickensian!