Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 18 February 2010


I knew there were some photos I hadn't posted! These are from a pre-Christmas walk around the Chatsworth Estate, starting in Baslow. The houses with that shade of blue trim are all owned by the Estate.

Alpaca or Llama??

The Chatsworth Estate's tribute to the Queen's Golden Jubilee

A rather bleak looking field and farmplace with cow eating the remains of a cabbage crop - even LL is better than that!

A fellow ginger for Peridot!

A good ruin always helps a view I find.

I also like a nice walled, muddy country lane.

I was struck by this farmplace, hidden away in the fold of an icy valley, only accessible by a long track. It's a nice place but would I want to live there? Even a country girl like me would probably conclude, no.

Spot the odd one out!

The church spire of Edensor peeking out.

The handsome village of Edensor (pronounced En-ser) is owned by Chatsworth. Apparently the original village was not pretty enough and spoiled the view from the big house so they knocked it down and built this rather strange pastiche of Italianate/Derbyshire buildings. I don't think I'd like to live in Edensor - no pub and thousands of tourists. Nice church though!

Sheet ice on the footpaths as I recall.

I managed to cut the scaffolding out of the picture so this is Chatsworth House with the Cascades in the centre.
Walking through the grounds alongside the River Derwent.

Then back to Baslow

I love the fact that I have flexi time at work. So I can work slightly longer hours than contracted for and then take a flexi day each month. Today is my February flexi day. Normally I would take it while D is around but I got caught out by the short month and noticed that he's not back 'til Friday 26th by which time February will be over!

So, as it's half term, my friend was childfree (they're staying at granny's) and I went over to Glossop last night for supper out at her favourite restaurant (Dowds in case you're local) and then on to a pub quiz. She had invited another friend of hers from Uni who I've come to know over the years and we had a really nice evening catching up. I stayed over as it was late and the Snake Pass was snowy so moved personal training to 11am.

How civilised the world is when you're not racing to work and back. How relaxed and pleasant. Getting up naturally, having a calm, unhurried breakfast, a traffic-free drive through snow covered hills, moors, valleys and forests followed by a mid-morning workout. This must be what it's like for all those women at the golf club who don't work but who either don't have kids or whose children are grown. I could do this.

Anyway, a shower, spot of lunch and then off to my parents for an unscheduled visit because my brother is over from Canada for a few days. He's been made redundant so he's heading up to Aberdeen to meet some contacts and see what he can rustle up. He doesn't seem overly concerned so I presume he's confident of finding something soon. I'm looking forward to seeing him as it's quite rare really.

I have every intention of being restrained on the food front and don't seem to be finding it too difficult at the moment and should be able to fit in a run or long walk tomorrow.

Byee, from the (temporary) Lady of Leisure!!


Peridot said...

Thanks for the cow - she's gorgeous! I may have to get that pic from you....

No photos of Darcy? That's his gaffe, isn't it?!

Peridot x
PS I too would love to be a lady of leisure

Milly said...

Fab pictures as usual. I have a question for you Lesley if you don't mind helping me. I have just created my own blog & have used the same format as yours. I successfully posted my 1st post but cannot see how to post another!Any help would be appreciated, thanks Milly.

Milly said...

Just ignore that last post Lesley! I have gone back to my blog & it clearly says 'new post'. I can't have been signed in properly. Durr!
Thanks anyway.

MyDiet said...

Nice pictures! :)

Hua said...

Hey Lesley,

It looks like you had a fun flex day. Your pictures are great!

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