Saturday, 1 September 2018

Stuck but still battling

Last week's weigh in was a hike of 1lb which then disappeared a day later leaving me beached at the same weight, 15.12.6.

Since then I've golfed a LOT but also been running a couple of times. One of those, rather nobly, was this evening after another day spent in a church doing yet more flowers for another niece's wedding.

This lot were very different to Kat's pretty pinks - bold, bright and full of life.

Big wedding tomorrow...hope I can get in the dress!!


Peridot said...

You are a stellar aunt! How did your dress work out? You look lovely in the halter neck-ish one - is that the dress?


Hazel said...

Great floral displays - church looks stunning!

Peridot said...

Long time, no hear. How are you?


Seren said...

Hi lovely! Hope you’re ok and those stubborn scales are sorting themselves out x

Peridot said...

How are you Lesley? Seems like ages you’ve been gone. Hope everything is okay.