Wednesday, 12 April 2017


It's what I do these days. I notice that I referred to the "tail end of a nasty cough" in my last post on 28 March. This proved inaccurate as there was a giant sting in that tail! The cough came back with a vengeance and then settled onto my chest and then infected poor old Richard too. Well, misery loves company eh?

So, there has been no running for a while but a fair bit of walking, some golf too. I haven't lost the plot foodwise though so when I summon up the emotional energy to step onto the scales again, I'm hopeful that I won't have piled on too much.

Here's some slightly out of date photos from a sunny spring walk a week or more ago. We walked around Hope and it was a walk of noticeable things. Like the cemetery below, it was just stunning with beautiful scenery and belting birdsong. But there was a burial about to take place so a sad group of family and friends (as well as a couple of Council gravediggers in their van eating sandwiches). I hope the bereaved took some comfort from the beauty of the day.

Pretty yellow hedgerow flowers.

Pretty purple hedgerow flowers.

The first caravan (well, RV) of spring.

Shelagh's first swim of the year.


Seren said...

Oh you poor thing. Hope you're both on the mend now, it's miserable when these things linger on. Have a lovely Easter weekend.


Peridot said...

Hope you're feeling better by now.