Monday, 8 May 2017

I was lost but now am found....

I can't believe it, I'm STILL coughing.  It stopped for a while (well, subsided) but has returned in a drier, more barking format just to ring the changes.  I'm not feeling as poorly as I have done but my energies are still low.   But, you can't put your life on hold forever so I'm trying to get back on track this week with both dieting and exercise.  I'm tracking again on the Fitbit and pledge to do some exercise more than just dog walking or golf at some point this week.

I fully intended to weigh myself this morning (for the first time in weeks) but, something came up and it slipped my mind.  Tomorrow.

I don't FEEL that I've piled on the lbs.  My clothes don't feel noticeably tighter but complacency has fooled me before so we will see.  I hope that I'm not stricken with disappointment tomorrow when I do finally dance with the devil.

Despite not being at my best, life is very busy.  The golf season has started and I've been playing a lot of matchplay and really enjoying the competitive element that brings. I'm in 2 teams so that is a lot of matches.  It's been great as I've been playing good golf in the matches and winning all but one.  Shame I can't seem to reproduce that form when I have a card in my hand but that is a perennial golfer's complaint.

Football too.  You may have spotted that my beloved Sheffield Wednesday has made it into the play offs for the second year running.  We have our semi-finals next Sunday and the following Wednesday and, if we win those 2 games on aggregate, it will be the final at Wembley on the Bank Holiday Monday.  It makes planning one's life somewhat complicated as we didn't know which semi-final we would be in until our final league game yesterday.

As it happens I don't think I'm going to go to the away game on Sunday.  I have a school reunion on the Saturday night.  It's 30 years since we left school and, for good or ill, I'm going back with a couple of pals to see what the old place looks like and chat to some old school mates.  I can't say I'm looking forward to it massively but I'm sure I'll have a good time when I get there.  I talked Jenny into going as she really wasn't keen so now I'm feeling that I shouldn't now bugger off to the football at crack of dawn on Sunday.  It would be more sociable to hang around for lunch etc (and then watch the game later on telly of course).  This is a major departure for me saw it here first (and I haven't quite decided yet).

We've been to a boxing match (Crolla vs Linares) at the Manchester Arena and the Premier League Darts at the Sheffield Arena which were both great nights out.  Soon, to balance out the boy events, I'll be going to see Take That at the Manchester Arena with Jenny.  So, it's not as though we're taking it easy despite the interminable poorliness.  I'm craving some down time though.  Some quiet weekends with nothing planned when we can get on with some long overdue gardening and go for a long walk.  June I reckon.

It would be nice to be back running and swimming soon as well and that is something which is NOT going to wait until June.  I'm working from home on Thursday so am going to set that as the date of my first run in about 6 weeks.  And more blogging too.....


Pam said...

Yes, I've had that cough too and it's only just going, having started on Dec 18. Sympathy.

Peridot said...

How are things?