Friday, 26 August 2016

Missing you

I've been thinking about my blog a lot over the last few weeks and have been getting closer to actually digging my laptop out of its pile of dusty rubbish and logging on again.  And now, here I am!

So, what's new??

My weight has "ballooned" I tells ya - over a stone on since my last weigh in although still over a stone off since the beginning of the year so I suppose that is progress of sorts.  I seemed to have stopped the rot and don't seem to be gaining on a weekly basis any more and in a week or so I'm starting a 12 week diet and exercise bootcamp so hopefully will start to head back in the right direction.

I'll update you on bootcamp once I get a proper handle on what is being required of me.  While I've read the rules, I suspect the true impact has not yet sunk in!  4 hours of tough exercise each week (2 of which must be with the bootcamp leader), no booze apart from with "treat meals" and a diet plan which I've not received yet.  Gulp.

In other news, my golfing handicap has "plummeted" I tells ya - I started the year at 16 and am now at my lowest ever - 13!!  As a result I'm loving golf and wanting to play all the time.  As a result I have a sore elbow (like tennis elbow but the other way around)!  Bloody typical.  So, I'm trying to limit my play and nurse the elbow through into winter when it can recover properly.  Boooo.

We haven't had a proper holiday this year yet but have managed a few weekends away and a long weekend in Portugal (Albufeira) a few weeks ago.  We had been wanting to go somewhere when Sheffield Wednesday announced their pre-season tour to Albufeira - well, it would have been rude not to! We sunbathed, ate (gorgeous food!), drank, played a couple of rounds of golf and, on the Sunday, dressed up in our Wednesday shirts and took over the main square with hundreds of other Wednesday nuts before heading out to the game.  It was great.

So, today's photos are of our pre-season trip to Portugal.  Aah...


Seren said...

It's so nice to "see" you, and looking so well and happy in those photos. Boot camp sounds...scary. But hopefully it will be a fun kind of scary!


Sarah said...

Never been to Portugal, it looks really nice. Happy pictures.

S x