Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 27 June 2016

Winning and losing

No, not THAT (although I'm still so sad and angry about the referendum result).

But blogging about my weight and fitness is what this is mainly about. So, how have I got on with the big restart? Early morning swim?? Erm, not so much. I woke up at 6.10 and thought hard about it. Then Rich threw a big arm over me and I felt so warm and comfy I was out for another hour by which time it was too late. I blame luuurve.

Proper low carby food? Yes!! Cooked my old standby brekkie of bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms with NO toast and it was delicious. This counts as a good start to me. Long may I keep it up.

Choices to be made about my lunchtime activities - swim, run, hilly dog walk, combination of the above?? The dogs have been somewhat neglected think they should feature, especially as we are out this evening. Hopefully I can go swimming AND fit in a decent walk.

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Seren said...

Well, sometimes small, incremental steps are better than trying to change everything all at once. Make sure you pat yourself on the back for things that go well and don't beat yourself up for the things that go badly - yep, thatt may be the psychological equivalent of having your cake and eating it too but whatever works!