Thursday, 2 June 2016

Back on the treadmill (not literally)

I've had 2 good days under my belt now and the scales are back down to a more respectable 15.6.8 so where I was post Brighton and pre Wembley. The next step is to get back to 15.3 and my end of boot camp weight.

Tuesday I did a 3 pack and an evening meal day.  I was hungry all day but stuck to my guns then, when Rich went off to darts, bored, I tried my best to ruin my hard work with some evening grazing - toast and peanut butter (!!), handful of raisins and fruit- not toooo bad but not great either.

Yesterday I ate real food all day, including some mini cakes at the halfway hut on the golf course but played 18 holes of golf and went for a decent evening walk with Rich and the dogs so overall I have got away with it.

Today I'm working from home again (tapping this out while waiting to see the dentist about a loose crown). It has not started well. I had a pack and a coffee and was looking good. Then frustration at multiple wifi and IT issues got the better of me and while waiting for my laptop to reboot for the umpteenth time, I 'accidentally' ate 2 pieces of toast and peanut butter! Gaaah!!

That bloody jar of peanut butter tormented me for my whole boot camp and now it's opened it is winning the war. When I get home I'm going to stick a big label on it - STOP! THINK!!

Anyway, all is not lost. I am WFH so can go for a run at lunchtime and plan to do a supermarket shop this evening while Rich is golfing to make sure I have diet friendly supplies in the house.

Swimming and golf tomorrow too and a blessedly free weekend with more golfing (a match) and no boozing. I CAN claw this back and get to fresh fat. Summer is generally a bad time for me weightwise but I'm determined to change my stars this year.


Seren said...

I am not a fan of peanut butter - doesn't do it for me at all. But I suspect my equivalent would be a piece of cheese, I can't leave the stuff alone if it is in the fridge! A label sounds like a good idea.

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend and YAY to the fresh fat :)


Peridot said...

Peanut butter is the devil - one taste and you crave the stuff with immoderate urgency. And I'm not even a fan!

Hurrah for determined clawing back... Ignore the PB and its siren call!


Peridot said...

Long time, no hear - everything okay?