Sunday, 26 June 2016

Golf might be at least

I stepped gingerly onto the scales this morning - hmmm,  not too bad - 15.9. So, 6 lbs up from my post LL low. I went swimming for the first time in weeks yesterday so that must have helped. We played golf today too so not a bad day although the roast lamb supper followed by rhubarb crumble may have cancelled out those hills.

I'm WFH tomorrow so I have plans for a swim, a dog walk and dancing before settling into the pub to watch England batter Iceland's defence for 90/120 frustrating minutes.  I will lose some weight during that time - what fingernails I have left!!

I'm still saddened, gutted and worried about Brexit. Can't believe it has happened although I called it before the vote. I have a recurring feeling of doom which I've never experienced before being generally pretty positive about life. I hope I'm wrong.

Operation 'Half stone off quick' starts in earnest tomorrow. Watch this space.

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Seren said...

Ugh, I too did a gingerly scales hop this morning - not pretty. Here's to both of us getting our behinds into gear. I'm glad that the recent blog silence has been indicative of good times though.

I couldn't believe it when I woke up on Friday morning. And I can't believe the mess everything is in now - I've had to stop reading the news because it makes me so anxious. What makes me saddest is that a lot of the people who voted out are going to be the hardest hit in the difficult times to come.

Chin up and keep smiling - it's all we can do!