Monday, 17 August 2015

Good news at last

Lincoln has finally agreed that mum can be transferred to a nursing home very near to where they live. There are just a few pieces of paperwork and then she will be on her way PROVIDED she is medically fit to be discharged. There is a tiny doubt about the latter but I am crossing my fingers so hard I can barely type!!

Hopefully she will be discharged tomorrow and we can all start getting better.

In other news I played a lovely round of golf this evening with an old friend. Just a fun round and a good chat but good exercise nonetheless. 18 hilly holes, about 7 km.

So I feel a lot happier this evening. (Rich even happier this evening as he won his holf tournament today and is £50 better off!!)

Toodle pip.


Seren said...

Yay! That's fab news. All limbs crossed for a smooth transition.


Peridot said...

Oh, also crossing.


Pam (Isabelle) said...

Me too. Hope things are improving.