Monday, 17 August 2015

One week on...

And nothing has really changed.  Mum is still in hospital (2 1/2 weeks now) and is deteriorating as an acute medical ward is not the right place for her.  She is unbelievably sleepy despite not being on codeine any more.  She developed masses of mouth ulcers (which the nurses didn't spot until my sister (a GP) visited on Saturday despite my drawing their attention to her swollen face the day before) probably due to not being supervised for meals and not drinking enough.  Dad and I have visited every day, always at a mealtimes, but that still leaves 2 meals per day.

But the worst thing is the utter frustration of the lying, obfuscation by the bureaucrats.  We are told different stories by different people every day. What we need to do to arrange for her to be moved changes with every phone call.  People say they will do something; then do not; then lie about having said it in the first place.

It appears that they are hoping that my father will become so desperate that he will discharge her and pay himself for her nursing care, and he probably will.  So cynical delay, lies and poor nursing care will be rewarded.

That is not to say that everyone we have dealt with is awful but the good ones are few and far between (and much appreciated nonetheless).

So, suffice to say, I have not really been concentrating on dieting or exercise.  But I've not been going mad either.  I dropped a lb last week through all that so all is not lost.  I managed a swim, a run, some golf and a few dog walks.

I also had a brilliant night out at a surprise 50th birthday party, bopping like crazy to a punk band and had a fun day out at Rich's golf club for Captain's Day.  So life has not been unmitigated gloom.  Richard has been a rock: a loving, caring, gorgeous rock.  It makes all the difference to have someone ready to listen, cook, sort out cars, cuddle and just generally be there when needed.

Hopefully better times ahead for Mum, Dad and me.

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Peridot said...

What a rotten time. It sounds exhausting and frustrating in the extreme. Glad Richard is so there for you.