Thursday, 11 September 2014

Feeling fat fat fat

Which is not as much fun as the jaunty music might suggest.

Hey ho.  I have slunk back, tail between legs, to Slimming World and made a start at getting this back on track.  I wouldn't say that I've exactly been following SW since my Tuesday night first weigh in but I have been trying to curb the excess and I've drawn a line in the sand.

It didn't help that, after my Tuesday night WI, I got a call from my big brother saying that the only night he and my sister in law could visit (remember they live in Malaysia so we can't just pop in whenever we feel like it) would be the following evening.  So they came over yesterday evening after work.

We went for a nice evening dog walk, then a couple of drinks in the pub on the way home followed by a curry.  Hadi loves a "proper English" curry and has been in France for a fortnight so really wanted a fix before they head over to Canada so it had to be done.  It was a really nice meal too so I don't regret it one bit.  Main course only of Bhindi Murgh......mmmm okra....

Anyway, it was great to see them and I have made good choices today.  It'll come.  It has to.

Work is extremely busy and also not very pleasant.  You will all have heard about Rotherham's travails.  Suffice to say, working for the Council which is being universally reviled and slagged off daily in the news is pretty dispiriting.  It isn't pleasant having to dodge the news cameras and the permanent EDL encampment shouting abuse at you almost every time you walk into your place of work.  We've been warned to take our laptops home on Friday in case the EDL rally over the weekend turns nasty and we can't come into the office on Monday morning FFS.

But more than that, it is horrible having the faith in an organisation I was actually quite proud of shaken. Thinking that people I may have known have made such bad decisions and allowed such a terrible situation to continue for so long.  It is by no means the only town or city in the country suffering from this scourge but it is the one everyone will remember, probably forever.

So, I'm looking forward to working from home tomorrow and Monday and I intend to go swimming for a good long thrash to make the most of it. The pool will be closing at the end of September and I'm going to miss it so much. And not eating much either.....sigh.......

Will do a proper report soon and in the meantime - stay strong lovelies!!


Seren said...

Oh God, I'm so sorry - that work situation must be horrendous. I hope it settles down soon.

As for the diet - I'm sure it will all slot into place. You stay strong too, all will be well.


Linz M said...

What an awful work situation for you, hopefully it will calm down soon.

SW is good I think plus less limitations on the amount you can eat so hunger is never really a problem. I was still eating out at least once or twice a week pre holiday and still had losses... Good luck!


beth said...

That work situation sounds just awful -- I'm so sorry.

Good luck with SW...