Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Slow and steady or Copping out??

I genuinely think that the slow and steady route is the best one for me but, at the times when my progress stalls, I sometimes wonder whether I'm using that as an excuse.  As you know, I've been poorly and my weight has stuck for a couple of weeks.  I can't go to weigh in again tomorrow as I'm staying at my parents' near Lincoln but I doubt I would see a drop if I could.  I'm hopeful of getting back to proper exercise next week and seeing a drop but even if it takes me to 10 or 11 lbs, that is over a couple of months!!  Probably not even a lb a week.

In the great scheme of things, I really don't care but I do worry that this is really my chimp fooling me into thinking that I'm dieting when in reality it is me playing at dieting.

What to do, what to do?

In the short term, stick with it; drop what I can before Malaysia; try not to gain too much in Malaysia and then re-assess when we get back and I know what the damage is.  That's all I can do. That and try not to be led astray by that sneaky chimp in the meantime.  Oh, and get out of the habit of grabbing a few chocolates each evening pronto!!

In other news, we've almost finished decorating the second bedroom which is most pleasing.  The carpet went down yesterday and looks lush.  We have made up the bed but have still to do the nice finishing off things such as hanging pictures and selecting bed linen.  We have friends coming to stay over Easter so not a moment too soon.  

I can't quite believe we're off to Malaysia in a few short weeks.  Unlike most holidays which require minute planning, we're staying with my brother and his wife in KL for most of the time so haven't really done much any planning bar booking our flights.  We'll be sight-seeing, playing golf and going on a couple of short trips to beach and mountains/forest but will book them when we get there.  It feels weird.  Very under-prepared.

We are both struggling for summer clothes too so have carved out a day to go shopping which  was tricky and which I'm not really looking forward to.  Still, needs must and I will be happier having a few nice outfits to wear.  I'm intending to shop there of course but doubt Malaysian shops will cater for the larger European'll be handbag, sunglasses, perfume etc for me I suspect!

Wish me luck with the shopping - I feel as though I'm going for some invasive surgical procedure, that's how little I enjoy it!!


Hazel said...

Aha - this is the dieting version of 'is looking busy is the same as being productive' conundrum!

Ans: no - and you know you know it!

Give yourself a set no. of calories a day (1600?), and log everything that goes in your gob on myfitnesspal (other logging sites are available ;-)). It's the end of the footy season so the traditional half a dozen pints and a couple of pies (which in dieting terms must be pretty suicidal) shouldn't feature - unless the slack is taken up with golf socials, of course.

Keep up with the running - you enjoy it, as do the dogs, and the more you 'do' the more you lose. I'm still not keen on running having (reluctantly, in middle age) started a couple of years ago (although I'm always glad I've been out - and I plan a 10k race about four times a year to give me a focus), but I quickly worked out that running=cake & wine. You're better off on the 'do more' end of the scale that the deprivation 'eat less', I think.

You know the drill - it's just the willpower that's the trick.

Seren said...

Good luck - hopefully it won't prove to be too painful!

You make a really interesting point and one that I can really relate to - when does slow and steady become not really trying? Personally, I keep track of my average weekly loss and if it is within the suggested 0.5-2lb range then I'm reasonably happy. Yes, it could be faster but it's such an important part of the process to learn how to balance the good (diet) days against the plain old good days. If it were to start slipping under 0.5 a week then perhaps it would be an indication that things weren't properly balanced.

Anyway, will stop rambling - you're doing fine, and you've had a rough few weeks so just be proud of yourself that you are keeping at it in the face of adversity and when you get back from holiday you'll be able to refocus.


beth said...

I have so much trouble with the slow and steady -- my nature is always to want to get unpleasant things over with as quickly as possible. Of course, maybe if I weren't in such a hurry it would be more pleasant...

Re: Malaysia, there actually are plenty of clothes that cater to the non-petite crowd. (One is hilariously called the Reject Shop, but I think that's because it's factory outlet.) Plus M&S, Zara, etc. Beware, though, that sometimes even things labeled, like, 47 trillion XXXL can be (relatively) tiny. Hope you have an amazing holiday...


Peridot said...

I feel your pain about the shopping and hope it's not traumatic but you make a few purchases which make you feel good.