Thursday, 10 April 2014


After a lovely, healthy and productive weekend I woke up on Monday morning feeling like death. How can you go from entertaining (small soiree to watch Sheffield Wednesday on TV on Friday night),  painting, walking the dogs, gardening, socialising and just generally having a great time to feeling like death overnight?  I have a hacking, violent cough which exhausts me, a sore throat and no lung capacity whatsoever. I'm as weak as a kitten. Even a short walk on the the flat has me wheezing and knackered.

I hate being poorly. I was just getting into regular running, being good with the eating and going to weigh in and now a week of feeling rubbish has set me back. I have struggled to keep on track this week. I know I should be having a low carb breakfast but somehow toast with chocolate spread seems to be the only thing I want. And that open box of chocs which I have been able to resist without difficulty for a fortnight has grown so that it trips me up every time I leave the kitchen.
I'm resisting a lot but this is not the stellar week I was hoping for. The no exercise regime won't be helping either.

I had to cancel golf. I went to the football on Tuesday evening but it was hard (wasn't going to waste £50 of ticket and coach fare!). Work is piling up and I'm grumpy (you may have noticed?!).
I think the trouble is that, when I'm seated doing nothing, I feel okay (unless I'm having a coughing fit) but as soon as I do anything, I'm shattered. But I'm bored just sitting around so I keep trying to do something then get frustrated......and grumpy.....did I mention the grumpy?!

So, I will spare you more grumpiness and promise to try and be good with the food until I feel better and can get back to running again. I CANNOT wait!


Seren said...

Oh poor thing! Hope you feel better soon - sometimes doing absolutely nothing (frustrating as it is - although I suspect that I am more adept at it than you being, fundamentally, a lazy cow) is what your body needs so try not to fight it too much.

Hope Rich and the girls are looking after you.


Peridot said...

Hope you're feeling better by now.


Isabelle said...

Do you realise what you've just written? That you can't wait to get back to running? Very impressive. Hope you feel better very soon.