Tuesday, 15 April 2014

On the mend

My word. I just read back my last post and I really was GRUMPY!! I hope I took it out on you lot and spared Richard the worst of it.

I'm on the mend and back at work but by no means fully recovered. The coughing fits are less violent and less frequent is all. As the sunshine is truly epic today and I'm stuck in the office, I'm contemplating going on my first run for 10 days at lunchtime. And I'm genuinely excited about it. It may turn into a walk depending on how my lungs stand up to the pressure but I will be outside and happy regardless.

I'm also contemplating going to a weigh in this evening at which I will definitely register a gain. Booooo. Probably only a lb or so. Annoyingly I'm sure I could manage a STS by my usual class on Thursday but I'm over at my parents then and dont want to miss 2 classes in a row. I'll see how I feel.

Either way, I have not been terribly bad while poorly. A few extra pieces of toast and a few comfort chocs here and there but meals have been okay and the lack of booze probably cancelled out the extra chocs. It has been the enforced lack of exercise which has set me back. Very slow 40 minute dog walks around flat fields (there are a few round here) just don't cut it.
I'm back golfing and running now though so hopefully next week will see me into fresh fat again.

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