Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy Christmas!!

I know it's a day late but we don't have any signal or broadband in our new house yet so it was back to the 20th century for us yesterday (and most refreshing that was too).
We are having a gorgeous Christmas. We were up late in the White Hart singing carols, both traditional and local. The local carols are brilliant, songs which are specific to our own village which are arranged in several parts and have been sung in the village for nearly 200 years. There is quite a tradition of gathering in December to sing local carols in a handful of north Derbyshire Peak District villages and to be part of it is truly lovely (especially now I know most of them).
I slipped out to midnight mass which was lovely too. Note to self....must go to church more often.
So we were a tad jaded on Christmas morning....but who cares? Only me, Rich and our friend Sean to cater for.
We walked the dogs round to the pub at lunchtime. Found some mobile signal and chatted with our families standing on top of a hill on a quiet lane then back home to cook cook cook.
As it turned out, the turkey Sean supplied was massive and with all the trimmings I could easily have fed 8! Turkey, natch, Tom Kerridge's stuffing in bacon, TK's honey roast bacon, cauli cheese, carrots, cranberry and orange relish, sprouts with chestnuts and bacon, roasties, gravy and piggies in blankets. It was all (though I say so myself) gorgeous but you can't fit more than a spoonful of each component in! I'm actively looking forward to our leftover supper tonight for a second go at it!!
Collapsed in front of the telly then rouse ourselves for some of Rich's family visiting. Just lovely.
Today we're all shattered but dragged ourselves out to our Sheffield local for an away trip to the footie. We've got Blackburn today....I'm not feeling confident of a good result as we are RUBBISH at the mo but the day out is always fun. Brekkie and beer in the pub, coach over the pennines to Blackburn and fingers and toes crossed for a decent result.
BTW, I saw a few joggers while driving into town this morning...was quite tempted so I have high hopes for 2014!
Hope you are all having a fabbie Christmas with your loved ones.
PS. Enjoy the Christmas jumpers... The finest acrylic Rothrrham market had to offer (mercifully half price!). 


Seren said...

Happy Christmas to you both! LOVING those jumpers - very swish indeed :-)


Isabelle said...

Aw! So glad that you've found your soulmate and a nice house too! Happy Christmas.