Wednesday, 8 January 2014

At long last

I am.........drumroll....................typing this post On. My. New. Laptop!!  It's so exciting but has not been without its dramas sadly.  My tame (but painfully socially inept) IT geek confirmed that my old laptop was beyond economic repair so he is chopping it into pieces to sell what he can and we went shopping!!  We into Sheffield on News Year's Eve and had a spree.  It was great but got tiring once the decision was made and I was stuck into the selling process.  God, how dull!!  Do you want a backup, warranty, what software do you want/need/can you afford? Soooooze....

I resisted everything bar the backup service which then meant I couldn't take the newly purchased laptop home with me.....booo.

So, after a day or so it was done and  I was free to drive into Sheffield to pick it up.  I thought I'd combine the trip with some Christmas shopping.  Picking up a new golf club Rich was buying with his Christmas gift vouchers and call round to an outdoor shop with my Christmas gift vouchers to have a look for a new waterproof jacket.  (Please note the necessary presence of a whole bunch of Christmas gift vouchers in my handbag).

On my way through Sheffield, in a not-very-good area, I spotted a stray dog up ahead in the middle of the road.  A heart rending sight.  Especially when, scared by a bus or lorry it ran and was clipped by a car and ran yelping through a little park to a residential street up a hill and parallel to the road I was driving on.  I drove round the block onto the street as, somewhat strangely, I had a muzzle (a legacy from Gordie) and a spare lead in my car.  I thought I might be able to catch him if he was friendly and take him to a vet if need be.

I found him and parked up, locked the car behind me and, with some assistance from 2 more dog-owning passers by, set about trying to coax him to us so that we could see if he was injured etc.  While we doing that another car drew up somewhat flashily and, assuming that they were also wanting to help I shouted to the 2 men to try and stop the dog when he ran towards them.  They looked a bit puzzled and momentarily disappeared round the corner out of my sight.  Then they walked passed me to their car and, somewhat strangely, said "thanks,love" before getting into their car and driving off.  It was only later, when we'd decided that the dog was okay and was not going to be caught, that I got into my car and realised that the 2 men had lifted my handbag from the front seat.

I had thought that I had locked the car but, in my haste, the seatbelt had blocked the door which hadn't shut properly so it hadn't locked.  These toerags must keep their eyes peeled on every journey for car doors which are not properly shut and seize every thieving opportunity available to them.  Nice.

It was a bit heartbreaking as, along with the usual cash, cards, driving licence etc, the robbing scumbags also got our Christmas vouchers.  So, it's a pain but not a tragedy.  I've reported it to the police for the all important crime reference number and made an insurance claim and learned a hard  lesson about taking more care to shut and lock car doors in ropey areas. I suppose part of the problem is that I live in a nice area and can happily leave car doors open while I unload the car and doors unlocked pretty much all the time.

In other news.  I am resurrecting my diet.  Really, I mean it!  I haven't gained anything over Christmas BUT I weigh far too much and want to be a lot slimmer by the summer.  I'm hoping that we're going to go to Malaysia to visit my brother and sister-in-law (and maybe catch up with my Canadian cousin who will be there at the end of May). I do not want to sweat my way through our holiday carrying these 2 extra stones.  Nor do I want to have to buy new, fat summer clothes.  So, I have new resolve.  I even went for a run on Tuesday (and have plans for another tomorrow).  Watch this space (and pray for me!!).

PS. I'm not sure what is going on with Blogger as I'm sure I posted my Christmas post on Boxing Day but it seems to have jumped to the front of the queue and re-posted itself.  Ah well, enjoy those jumpers again!!

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Seren said...

What utter bar stewards. Honestly, words fail sometimes. Hope you get nasty insurance gubbins sorted soon.

And I loved my second dose of Christmas jumpers! Tres chic :-)